One for all

with fashion, while there are endless variations, what are we really dealing with, 5 basic options? top, skirt, pants, dress, jacket. did i miss anything? pants can be short (shorts), or long, wide, narrow, cuffed, pleated, etc. with tops there are issues of sleeves, collars, chunky knits, etc. the jacket can be a blazer, a cardigan, and so on, but essentially we could say we're dealing with 5 things, at the core. it's incredible how so very different a piece can look, and how much you can hate or love one, for various reasons. and how different the very same piece, can look on different people.

what would you say is the most universally flattering piece of clothing?


Iheartfashion said...

I'm not sure there is a universally flattering piece of clothing...but I think nearly anyone can look good in the right jeans. There are enough varieties of rise and cut out there to suit almost any body.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, hard to go universal on this factor...but I will say...I was watching movies on TV last weekend and I saw, in a row, Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhal (sp?) and Beaches with Bette Midler...and realized both of them (2 very different body types) look hot in pencil skirts, button downs, fitted blazers and heels. 40s officewear, anyone?