Practically fabulous

did you know that there are over 12 ways to fold a 16x16 inch piece of silk, to be worn in the breast pocket of a jacket for a debonair touch - though few modern men, and fewer women, dare. in old movies, men pulled them out to offer weeping women who probably had their own stashed in their purse (along with a smoking gun). it would require very extreme circumstances for me to accept a proffered handkerchief (in the unlikely event that one was presented), nor would i sacrifice one of my silk squares for anything more than decoration. in fact, mine came with a warning that rain might damage the pattern. yet the origin is one of utility; a pocket square is a glamorous handkerchief, which is, or was, an ecologically responsible tissue.

fancy restaurants offer stools for women's fancy bags (bags surely are a workhorse accessory, even if it's a show pony), but it may just be a matter of time before a bench is needed for the stool (hyperbole of course, but you see my point).

watches, sunglasses, trench coats and hats are items high on style and practicality.

what items of fashion work for you?


Candid Cool said...

Those t-shirts w/ the tiny pocket. Very handy when wearing a KJL strawberry necklace when I have to lean & stuff at work. I just put it in the pocket & it doesn't knock around.

martha said...

Beyond apparel's function in general (protecting me from the elements), it is a really interesting thing, to consider the origin of details. The fly on men's pants, for example, is very convenient (I would imagine) and clearly has a purpose. Pockets, as candid cool illustrated, are quite useful. I'll have to think some more about this.

editor said...

weird timing with this post - today i witnessed someone getting hit by a car. i'm now thinking that we should all wear padded bubble suits...and helmets.

landis said...

my wedding bands. they are both ornament and significance. they telegraph and restrain.

plus they are new, and vintage.

and they sparkle. which never hurts.

editor said...

geez landis, go and get all poetic on us. that was ... kind of ... brilliant.

Anonymous said...

pockets, for me, definitely. anything with pockets. ANYTHING. i'm a very forgetful person. and also, hands get cold. so - 1 item that solves 2 problems - storage AND protection - oh yeah, pockets rock.

it's a big reason i don't wear dresses as often as i want to. and why i've stopped buying pants at h&m. (which reminds me, nothing irritates me in clothes more than a fake or too-shallow pocket. argh.)