1. you spill tomato soup on one, top or bottoms. which is worse?
2. your friend wants to borrow your favorite trench coat - do you lend it?
3. the dry-cleaner damages an irreplaceable favorite top of sentimental value. do you keep it or toss it?
4. you lose one very expensive glove. what do you do with the remaining glove?
5. at the beginning of the day, a colleague notices that you lost a botton on your top. when do you replace it?
6. the new top from your favorite designer has an especially bothersome label. do you leave it in or cut it out?
7. you've received a gorgeous new sweater as a gift that goes with nothing in your closet. you already have a list of 'need to buy' items, and none of those will suit it either. do you add a companion for it to the list, or set the sweater aside and wait?
8. how much damage can an item have before it is deemed unwearable?


editor said...

1. soup on the bottoms are worse... unless they're jeans.
2. no.
3. if it's small, keep it.
4. hand puppet?
5. right away.
6. try to endure the itching or resulting rash for a few wears before furiously cutting it out, and then feeling sad about that, and keeping the label in my sewing box.
7. set the sweater aside and wait. eventually something i want will work with it - could take a year.
8. damage to an item changes how i will wear it. a beautiful dress with a snag or stain would become an item for errands perhaps.

Iheartfashion said...

1. I'd rather spill soup on my bottoms-easier to cover up.
2. yes, I'd lend it.
3. Keep it.
4. Wear mismatched gloves, as long as their similar style and length.
5. Depends if it's revealing or not (top or bottom button). When I worked in downtown Boston I twice went out and bought a new item of clothing to wear back to work because of stains/rips, etc.
6. I cut out almost all tags, except Tuleh because they're so beautiful. Prada tags usually fall off on their own, whether by design or not I don't know.
7. I can always make room for something new and gorgeous!
8. Quite a bit. If it's a dress with a stain on the bottom, I might have my tailor turn it into a shirt/tunic.

Candid Cool said...

1. bottoms much more
2. Nope.
3. Keep it, but depending on how bad the damage was, I’d eventually end up tossing it.
4. Keep it, saving it for the 1 in a billion chance “what if” moment of a Michael Jackson themed party. Then snap out of it and get rid of it.
5. Later
6. Leave it.
7. Impossible! It would have to go with something.
8. It would have to look like swish cheese.

martha said...

1. bottoms are worse because they tend to be more expensive.
2. no
3. toss it
4. toss it
5. I keep an emergency kit in drawer)
6. leave it in for as long as i can stand it
7. force it to match, lol. just wear it with something very neutral or very clashing
8. it takes a little damage to change the purpose of an item. a little damage means it's only for casual wear

Carlene said...

1. tops, because the bottom is usually dark
2. only to my sisters
3. toss it, because I couldn't bear to look at it
4. toss it
5. asap
6. cut it out...I cut out almost all my labels, they all seem to bother me
7. wear it with jeans...everything goes with jeans, right?
8. I'll still wear it for errands, around the house, until it gets embarrassing