1. if you were a designer, _____ is the label with the most similar aesthetic to what you would create.
2. true or false, you own 1 or more pieces from the label you listed in question 1.
3. the hardest job in the fashion industry is _____.
4. the ideal job in the fashion industry is _____.
5. have you ever attempted to make a garment, any garment, by yourself?
6. true or false, you would like to know what the inspiration was for your favorite item of clothing.
7. true or false, if it were publicized that a designer you respected and admired did or said something that offended you, it would effect your feeling towards the clothing.
8. true or false, you find the designer of your favorite label(s) mentally or physically appealing.


editor said...

1. will try to narrow it down to one later.
2. based on the list, false.
3. maybe pr
4. maybe receptionist, because you're close to all the good stuff but there's no pressure or responsibility...
5. yup
6. false
7. not the clothing i already have, but quite probably it would stop me from buying more, unfortunately. so true.
8. true. i've never seen a picture of Jean Touitou but i love what i've read and find him so interesting. and how else can you explain my affection for alber elbaz.

editor said...

ack, what was i thinking? 4. is definitely buyer for a small boutique!

Iheartfashion said...

1. Prada (although not this season) or Marni
2. Yes, but not much
3. independent designer: securing backing, financing, finding patternmakers, manufacturers, etc
4. buyer for Colette, or maybe being The Sartorialist
5. Yes, and I won't make that mistake again!
6. Yes.
7. Maybe; it depends on the nature of the offense, ie- going to rehab: no (it's practically de rigueur in fashion anyway); spouting neo-Nazi propaganda: yes.
8. Yes: Miuccia, Consuelo, Jack & Lazaro, Alber, etc

discothequechic said...

I love this, it's actually more interesting to read, as the questions are too good!

I shall have to consider them and come back, hopefully I'll remember too.

Amazing picture, by the way.

S xx

editor said...

iheartfashion - what, no toe-less knee socks for you??
i don't know, as the sartorialist, you'd have to go up to strangers and ask if you could take their pictures - i'm not sure how one goes about doing that. (btw did you notice he has advertising on the site now - netaporter flashed on the page when i clicked to leave a comment).

discothequechic - glad you enjoyed - hope you come back.

Candid Cool said...

1. Ack! A tough one, so I basing my answer on the 2nd question. J.Lindeberg.
2. True.
3. The recent fashion graduate that doesn’t live in NY, Paris, or London, etc…, But also the independent designer.
4. The celebrity with the clothing line. Everything basically done for you, you just say yes or no & put your stamp of approval on it.
But I’d also love to be a buyer for my own boutique, ideally a men’s store (at heart I’ll always be a Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute aka Shop Girl)
5. Yes
6. True, it would be interesting.
7. Depends on how deep the offense was…
8. True (kris van assche, oliver theyskens, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Tom Ford)