1. if you had a boutique, you would sell to (pick one) women/men/women & men.
2. you prefer to shop in stores that sell to (pick one) women/men/women & men.
3. if you did not work, you would wear _____ most days.
4. if you were a student, you would wear _____ to class.
5. if you were a politician, you would wear _____ on the job.
6. if you were a teacher, you would wear _____ on the job.
7. if you were an artist, you would wear _____ most days.
8. the best-dressed t.v. character is _____.


editor said...

1. women
2. women, sometimes women & men
3. i always think it would be jeans, but in reality, dresses, skirts, pants, definitely not sweats. basically, what i wear now.
4. what i wear now.
5. hmmm, very very well-tailored suits with unique quirks, like a pencil skirt with a little fishtail in back maybe...always made of beautiful wool, always in navy or grey or black or brown, or a wild houndstooth.
6. what i wear now.
7. what i wear now.
8. ...i have to think about that one - i don't want enough to be able to make a truly informed decision i think.

Candid Cool said...

1. MEN. pretty much the focus of any buying & store planning class i had in college.
2. women & men (for the t-shirts & accessories)
3. what i wear now
4. what i wear now
5. high heels or flats, no in between, (aka what i wear now)
6. if i taught say 5th grade, more conservative, closed toe shoes & tone down the menswear references
7. what i wear now
8. carrie bradshaw in the last 2 seasons, joan (played by diana ross' daughter) on Girlfriends

editor said...

^^candid cool - omgd, JOAN!!! I LOVE tracee ellis ross. yes yes yes.

for 5. "no in between" - i like that.

Iheartfashion said...

1. women & men
2. women
3. what I wear now (anything but sweats)
4. dresses or blazers with jeans, always with boots
5. well cut suits by Jil Sander or Bottega Veneta
6. Marni and Dries van Noten, with some Topshop and APC mixed in (although on a teacher's salary, not likely; let's say I'm married to a hedge fund manager)
7. completely over-the-top avant garde stuff to go out in, and painter's pants and white tees to work in
8. Hmmmm...I haven't seen TV in a while. I think the last time I actually liked someone's clothes on TV it was Lisa Bonet on The Cosby Show or Justine Bateman on Family Ties! This really dates me, huh?

editor said...

^^lol, those images are sharp in my mind too - i think if you saw reruns of family ties though, you would change your mind - so many pleated pants...or maybe it's just me. both had that layered, soft, slouchy thing down pretty well. lots of off-one-shoulder looks...

Iheartfashion said...

Yes, I'm sure the late-80's fashions would horrify me now, but I think it was the layering that appealed.

editor said...

iheartfashion - but if you can find something in it to take away with you, something that sticks, then it's all good. should we talk about the suspenders? ;)

landis said...

1. i would sell both. too much to love in each area.
2. shop in both. i'm an equal opportunity purchaser.
3. deep v tees and knits every day with denim and khakis. cashmere sweaters and boots or wingtips.
4. student? dior. so chic.
5. politician? mcqueen. to freak out the masses.
6. teacher? vince. cuddly.
7. artist? not much. i like the concept of naked art.
8. the characters on gossip girl.

Anonymous said...

1. men, maybe, to help the ones that need it take it up a notch.
2. both
3. cargos and cashmere sweaters
4. cargos and cashmere sweaters
5. maybe I could just work for a politican and wear cargos and cashmere sweaters
6. cargos and cashmere sweaters
7. naturally, cashmere and cargo sweaters
8. I do like joan clayton's style, but it's mostly on her, and I don't think it would work on me... n/a here for the moment.

(Is it at all weird that I don't own a single pair of cargos or a cashmere sweater?)

and I think I would like to be a classmate, employee and/or student of landis' up there.