What's on the page

reading: reflections on fashion extremists by doonan, singer, toledo & koda (page 101) 4 pages; short highlight of philip lim (page 52) 1 page; highlight of (or introduction to) pleasure principle (page 56) 1 page; opinions by hershkovits, magnuson, o'brien & dermody (page 64) 5 pages; on wearing a daily uniform by hastreiter (page 76) 1 page.
looking: illustrative interpretations of select runway looks by members of creative growth (page 78) 22 pages; shockingly brilliant brilliant brilliant fashion shoot "an arty fashion" (page 130) 12 pages (i have never seen clothing presented so far removed from their intended styling, and yet celebrated and examined for their beauty and design more clearly than if they were laid out plain - and all done so painfully simply. yes, painfully. the greatness of this shoot actually hurts).
total number of pages in this issue: 160
surely the most i have ever read in a september fashion issue of any magazine: 46 so far - i am not at all finished with this issue yet.


Iheartfashion said...

With such a recommendation I'm going to have to get this issue. Did you see the profile of Kim Hastreiter in this week's New Yorker "style issue"? It made me want to subscribe to Paper.

editor said...

iheartfashion - yes, i loved the article on kim, and quite a number of pieces in that new yorker issue, as a matter of fact. (i gave the last word search winner here a subscription to paper, as a matter of fact.) truly, in the sept. issue of paper, that "fashion" shoot is probably my favorite ever, as far as presenting and making me think about the clothing they were showing - i have other ones that i like the fantasy or story or beauty, etc. this one was just stellar in a completely different way. check it out and let me know if you think i'm nuts. :)

landis said...

hey cutie. . .
since you asked, thought this was the best place to answer.
todd o. is creative director over product (he makes the clothes).
i'm creative director over marketing (i make the clothing look pretty in all our photography/stores/circs/magazine ads/television).
hopefully together, we can mix it up a bit, make it modern again.


Anonymous said...

I have this issue. I always find Paper to be a total page-turner (in a good good way).