Art for art's sake

visiting my sister recently, she asked me to go through her closet and essentially find things for her to toss. we have always had very different taste, but this task was especially difficult because my advice would be to toss a lot and replace a lot, which wasn't really an option. i did view the contents of her closet with respect for her attraction to "arty" pieces - she is a painter and she likes items that have a large dose of craftsiness to them (beading, handpainted, patchwork). i prefer my art on the walls, with the exception of scarves, where i feel that a strong graphic is a beautiful thing (though i'm talking about a design on silk, and still no craftsiness, technically), so first i tried to argue that her art should go on her canvases, and other projects, not on her clothing, but that's not really fair. it's her aesthetic. then i came up with a different solution (she was, after all, asking me what worked with what in her closet, and i found it all mostly clashed or competed, rather than coordinated), where she pick one piece to be "arty" and one piece to be simple, to balance that out. just my 2 cents, but i was out of my league, since i could not relate to her choices in the first place - but they do really work for her.

i see a lot of art in every item of clothing that i love, but it's the
art of a seam, or a color, or a strap, or the material, or a neckline/sleeve/pocket/collar, or art-by-association if an item makes me think of something else. i would say that i like art in my clothing (the design and execution of it), not on my clothing.

is there art in your clothing?


Iheartfashion said...

That's a tricky question...I like my clothing to be artfully made, but not to look like a walking canvas or craft fair. I like craftiness in my jewelry, or maybe bag but not a lot of appliques or beading, etc on clothing. Some of Marni's or Dries's prints are "art" that I'd wear, but over-embellishment looks too "wacky high school art teacher" to me.

landis smithers said...

isnt this just the whole dries vs. jil discussion coming up for you again?


(sorry i've been lax in posting. been busy. back now.)

editor said...

nah landis, it's not quite the same. it's more similar to my post about political clothing, i think, actually, from a while back. coming down to whether or not the clothing should entertain, amuse, communicate, or simply flatter. clothing first and foremost as clothing, or something else.
my sister's patchwork orange and yellow clogs canNOT symbolize dries. they just cannot. i refuse!