Booking ahead

i am someone who cannot plan ahead of time when i'll want my next haircut. if i schedule a cut 5 weeks from now, i may wake up that morning and like my hair and not want it cut. if i don't schedule anything, i might want a whole new shape this weekend. this, understandably, aggravates my hairdresser.
yet some how, designers plan their collections at least a year in advance, then they show me in the winter what i'll want to wear the next summer. and when i'm buying my sweater for this year, they're designing my sweater for next year. how they know what i'll want before i do is a mystery. and how i am able to pick and like something this week that i will also like next week, and next month, and next year, is also a mystery. but it happens. a lot. so are designers just wasting their time?

if a designer showed an identical collection 2 years in a row, what would you think?


Iheartfashion said...

I have the same problem with haircuts! Plus, I've cheated on my hairdresser more than once because I always think I may get something better elsewhere.
As for clothes, I can love something right now, while knowing that I probably won't like it at all next year. Maybe it's just my nature...I like change.

TravelGretta said...

I don't know, but that reminds me - I need a haircut.

P.S. It is Murphy's Law, and every time you are scheduled for a haircut, your hair will look fabulous when you wake up that day.

Michelle said...

I just had my hair cut today! I'm very fussy about my hair cuts, so I've been loyal to the same hairdresser and even followed her when she moved on to a new salon...

But as for your question, what actually amazes me is how so many designers pick up on the same things each season. Intellectually, I know this has to do with professional trend forecasters and trade shows, etc., but still I think - wouldn't they each want to offer us something unique? I think that I would be less fazed by an individual designer offering the same thing two years in a row, because I would think - they had found their "signature" look.

editor said...

more later - very busy with candy and such right now, but i just want to say that YES, it ALWAYS happens. if i do schedule a haircut, rarely but it happens, my hair will absolutely look best on that very day. always.

Carlene said...

I would think they were Ralph Lauren.

editor said...

iheartfashion - do you ultimately always return to your hairdresser though? finding a good hairdresser is really really REALLY so important. really. i don't blame you for "cheating."
ps i really like change too - mostly i stick with different hair though, instead of a different stylist. ;)

travelgretta - so i already commented a little, but i'll just add: it ALWAYS happens. argh

michelle - yippee. i'm envious. nothing beats a new hair cut. i just love that. "signature look" good spin, i like it. i think... i think the majority of successful designers design the way the larger population buys - that is, en masse. people buy trends, people want to look alike. not you or i perhaps, but "people" most people do. they take comfort in sameness and unity. so if designers know that people want to buy similar things, they have to produce similar things. there are, thankfully, sufficient exceptions for those who don't want to join the cult though.

carlene - THAT was funny!

landis smithers said...

carlene rocks.

a designers job is to make us question ourselves, our perceptions of what is beautiful, and our ideas around what is new.

miuccia, and that's all you have to say.