Either or

pick one of each (and nope, no wiggle room):

1. either one $6,000 purse, or 6 $1,000 purses
2. either the perfect home or the perfect wardrobe (for life)
3. either timeless or trendy
4. either clothing that shows zero wear and tear or clothing that always fits your body
5. either the perfect shoes or the perfect coat
6. either wear the perfect outfit once (and never again) or wear it for a solid week


Candid Cool said...

1.One $6,000, even though a Samourai is ½ that…
2.Perfect home. I’m pretty happy with my wardrobe.
4.Clothing that fits.
5.Perfect coat
6.Solid week.

Anonymous said...

1. Six $1,000 purses (I like variety)
2. The perfect home (for life). If I don't have a wonderful home, I'm lost.
3. timeless.
4. clothing that always fits your body. Ill-fitting clothing is completely unflattering.
5. the perfect shoes.
6. wear the perfect outfit once (and never again)



Iheartfashion said...

1. One $6000 purse
2. the perfect home, as long as I can keep my current wardrobe.
3. timeless
4. clothing that fits, no question
5. hmmm...tough one. I have a harder time finding perfect shoes, so I guess that's what I'd take.
6. wear the perfect outfit once.

editor said...

1. one 6k bag
2. perfect wardrobe (for life)
3. timeless
4. this one is tough... without conviction, i'll take "fits"
5. .... coat (again, with hesitation)
6. wear it for a week!

Anonymous said...

1. One 6K bag
2. Perfect Home
3. Timeless
4. Always fits
5. Perfect Coat
6. Wear it for a week

Gervy said...

1. 6 x $1000 pursea - really, would anyone be able to tell the difference? (don't answer that).
2. the perfect wardrobe (for life) - see 4.
3. timeless
4. clothing that always fits my body - I am 5 foot 11" with an (Australian) size 14 top and (shock, horror!) size 16 bottom. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have clothing that fits well
5. the perfect shoes - now that I'm living in Sydney, I won't get much wear even from the non-perfect coats in my current wardrobe
6. wear the perfect outfit once (and never again)- I don't think it would feel perfect after being worn for 7 days in a row.

jakjak said...

I would have to go with the Perfect Home as I believe your surroundings really have an effect on your happiness levels
(I did have to struggle with myself not to choose the purses though)

a. said...

1. 6 $1,000 purses, definitely! the purse i am dreaming about right now costs only about $600...

2. oh, perfect wardrobe, definitely. ironic seeing as i studied architecture...

3. timeless, of course.

4. oh, fits your body! clothing that fits well is heaven-sent... and clothing that doesn't fit well ruins my day. plus, i love slightly worn clothing. it gives it this real, human element... makes it more a part of me.

5. this one is hard, but, assuming that one can get copies made if a pair wears out - the perfect shoes. that also would be heaven.

6. solid week. which is what tends to happen when i put together an outfit i love anyway. :-)

martha said...

gervy - ;) okay, i won't (#1)

1. one $6,000 purse
2. perfect wardrobe
3. timeless
4. clothing that fits
5. coat, no, shoes. no, coat. no, shoes...
6. the perfect outfit? I would wear it for a solid week, or 3.

Anonymous said...

1. 6 $1000 purses, since i cant imagine a favorite of mine costing more than $1000
2. pefect home
3. timeless
4. fits
5. shoes- i found them already they are called Keens
6. a solid week, otherwise i would be yearning back for it forever.

La Belette Rouge said...

You are so creative. I am loving this!
1. one purse
2. perfect wardrobe, my husband will make sure we have the perfect home ( it's his thing).
3. timeless
4. always fits
5. perfect shoes
6. a week
Great food for thought!

editor said...

la belette rouge - thank you! off to check out your blog.

Isobella said...

1. 6 $1,000 purses -- i will get bored w/ one 6k purse.
2. the perfect home
3. timeless
4. clothing that always fits your body
5. the perfect coat
6. wear the perfect outfit once (and never again)--i'm thinking an evening dress or wedding dress--hahaha. if its an everyday outfit--for a solid week...