Solo act

dressing alike signifies unity, but usually at the expense of the individual. being a "copycat" used to be the worst style insult when i was a kid, yet being "unique" or "individual" were attributes hardly well-regarded by a pubescent peer group. you can't win.

trends drive all fashion business. even the right to mass individual style, credited to patricia fields, is a trend. i used to guard my fashion choices with pride and conviction, as if my whole identity were at stake. it wasn't just the clothing that i chose, and the act of choosing them, but the maintaining of the style as personal property that was important and tied up with who i was. that's sort of silly.

if it could be done, with enough choices for all, would you prefer a world where there were no repeats among individuals? where every person's style was original and unique?


jakjak said...

By definition though, if everyones choices were uniformly unique then we would all be the same (that makes my head hurt)

I like everything as it is, with people doing what they are comfortable with - we can't all be "show ponies"

Iheartfashion said...

A bit more uniqueness would be welcome, but if every single person had their own individual look I think it might be too visually overwhelming!

martha said...

Interesting. Well, on the one hand, I might personally enjoy feeling clever with my guaranteed individuality, but on the other hand, I wouldn't get to see how different people might wear the same item, which I also enjoy very much. I think I would be okay with it though. I agree with iheartfashion though, it would be incredibly distracting.

Candid Cool said...

I don't think style comes from just the clothes alone.

Kate Moss, James Dean, clothing was at the core basic T&Js, but it's something about THEM that makes it interesting

for ex. People that wear vintage "to be different from everybody else" may have the same look as other people that wear vintage to be different from everybody else.

There's a saying You're different--just like everybody else. I don't think repitition matters if you're wearing what you genuinely like. But it is irritating that blonde girl clone thing in the pubescent peer group AKA MTV.

landis said...

not to be too philosophical, but give me a world of individual THINKERS, and i'll show you a world of individual STYLE.

by removing fear from life, there is no need to question oneself.

as capote said: style makes the middle class nervous.