Place of honor

there are items that sustain a wardrobe, and there are items that go beyond the working wardrobe. there are pieces that you hunt for, save for, pine for or fall for. beyond functional, they can take a closet from average to album - pieces with sentiment or history or power. they are items you parade around your home with, or perhaps congratulate yourself over.

do you have any trophy items?
are there any trophy items you aspire to?


The Clothes Horse said...

From my wardrobe I consider my black trench to be a trophy item, it doesn't scream for attention like some of my more flashy pieces, but there is just so much history and iconography tied to a trench coat that I can't help but admire it.

jakjak said...

I have a pair of all leather, handmade high heeled mary-janes, that are my Trophy Item. I've only managed to wear them once, but the amount of times I take them out of their box to smile at them and hold them is embarrassingly high

coco said...

I am dying for a Phillip Lim dress and a Zac Posen bag
I don't think I have a trophy item yet though

landis smithers said...

i am chock full of trophies, baby girl. my partner, tim, calls them "finds". he says you have to find your style, but remain open to the "find". that thing that supercedes reason and simply IS.

recently, it's a jil navy trench with inverted "kimono" style seams by raf simons that is both volume and sleek. it sooo simple, but when you move, it's like an announcement. i feel more at ease, and more aware in that thing than anything in years.

and then there are the silver trainers i've been wearing around. they are building a history of travel, and create instant happiness.

and finally, though i have only worn them once, a pair of vivid, scary pink lanvin matte satin tennis shoes. with khakis and a white tee. . . heaven.

ok, i'll be quiet now.

(by the way, you can't read blogs in mainland china. post, yes. read, no. who knew?)

Iheartfashion said...

I don't know if I'd call them trophies, but I have a few classic pieces that I'd grab (after my children and cat of course) if my house was on fire.
1. my Cartier Tank Basculante watch
2. an Alberta Ferretti cream-colored silk jacket that fits like it was made for me
3. my Tocca camel+chocolate checked winter coat (even though Katie Couric wore it on the Today Show, or so I'm told, I still love it)
4. a one-of-a-kind shearling coat I bought in Dublin 5 years ago that's got a navy and pink paint splattered print on it.
5. Also, if the fire wasn't moving too quickly, I'd save my collection of bags, mostly gifts from my husband, often purchased on trips: Tod's, Prada, Gucci, LV, Etro....home insurance could never cover replacement costs, not to mention sentimental value.

editor said...

landis - i don't understand. people cannot read blogs, anyone's blogs? or their own blogs? or are you having trouble accessing blogs? i'm guessing not because here you are (very impressive by the way, and glad we get the virtual tour on your blog AND the virtual you here!!). that trench sounds... mega trophy. your shiny shoes (smiling at the thought of them). you paint the perfect pic for the pink ____ (anyone know a word for shoes that starts with a "p" so i can keep up the annoying alliteration?).

the clothes horse - that's nice, that your admiration for the item is not label-based, but item-based. the trench is a very major piece.

jakjak - i feel for you, almost pining after something you actually own.

coco - are those specific items, like a specific p.lim dress?

iheartfashion - the one and only time we had to evacuate our place due to the not-very-imminent threat of fire, i didn't grab a single piece of clothing, etc. very disappointed in myself for that. maybe i knew the danger wasn't real.

landis smithers said...

alas, i was in beijing until tonight, and you can't read ANY blog in mainland china, blogspot and all the other sites are simply blocked by the government.

back in hong kong now, so able to post AND read again. weird. sad. and true.

editor said...

... ... oy

Michelle said...

I have three trophies, two of which I wear often, and one which I don't:

1. Via Spiga black wool winter coat - With dropped sleeves and the perfect collar, this coat is not only warm and stylish but is so comfy that it feels like I'm wearing a cozy blanket. Truly irreplaceable.
2. Lucchese dark brown cowboy boots - I'd wanted cowboy boots for some time, but was afraid that they would look costume-y on me. I finally got a pair this year,and absolutely love them - they have enough subtle flair that they add something a little something extra to my outfits. I love the way they affect my walk, and I also congratulate myself for the great deal I got on them on Ebay.
3. Hannah Clark sparrow earrings - Easily the most unusual piece of jewelry I own. They are made of little birds cast of oxidized silver and dangle from gold earwires. They also have a "Gift of the Magi" history behind them. I adore them, but don't wear them very often, probably because I'm afraid of losing them.

The trophy item that I aspire to is a perfect dark brown leather bag - but I can't decide whether it should be a shoulder bag or cross-body style.

Candid Cool said...

-Python pumps, ridiculously marked down, michael kors collection, really need to get the toebox stretched

-Non branded Red croc (embossed) Birkin

-Black (slouchy soft) Birkin bag from Zara. I was a broke college student when I bought it, and I would "visit" it until it went on sale. And when I finally brought it home I would just stare at it.

-J.lindeberg grey assymmetrical skinny racerback waistcoat.

-black on black Dior Homme "The End" t-shirt (and my DH sunglasses)

-Vintage Revolver cufflinks

and there's some kimonos/kaftans that i'm pretty proud of, ask me when i get back from new york & hopefully some cavalli h&m that i hope to be proud of

fashionaddict said...

One piece that comes to mind is this vintage grey tweed cropped waistcoat that I found in a vintage store for practically no money - I felt very pleased because six months later, all the shops were selling waistcoats for 10 times the price.

**vintage shops are truly excellent for waistcoats. There are usually more men's than women's styles but you can buy the men's ones and alter them.

Gervy said...

Two pairs of trophy shoes come to mind.

One was a pair of platform striped espadrilles, which I bought just a week after Kylie Minogue circa 1993.

Another is a pair of black patent leather platform slingbacks, by Charles Jourdan. Mid-80s, my Mum's.

a. said...

oh my, yes.

1) my oft-mentioned navy wool cape. worn at home, sometimes while singing along to the sound of music. (did i just admit that?)

1) chunky, amazing, antique ivory necklace from an antiques shop in beijing.

2) the most exquisite pale pink high heels by marni - like pointe shoes, ribbons and all, but with a heel, and of leather. worn out of the house a few times. cause me much pain, but much pleasure. bought on huge discount. once they were at my shoe repairer's, waiting to be picked up, and two different women asked if they could buy them. (you said trophy, right? ;-)

3) a lovely grey satin marc jacobs dress with a crazy wide black cumberbund-y elasticized waistband/belt. bought for $100. slightly tight fit, it's very now and at this rate i'm worried that it will be outdated (if and) when i fit into it.

4) beautifully embroidered antique skirt made of the most brilliant poppy red silk, also bought in beijing, too afraid to actually wear out, but i take it out to gaze at it lovingly from time to time.

5) a vintage made-to-measure woman's winter white wool coat with the tailor's label (kai mee tailors, jackson st. SF) stitched inside. belted, flares out so beautifully from the waist, shin-length. used to fit me, doesn't anymore, but i will never get rid of it. i have done that before with beloved vintage items - what a mistake!

and there's more... it's sick.

editor said...

a. your trophy items, sound great and unique, but they truly sound more like trophies than treasured articles of clothing that you can use. for me, if i don't wear it, i don't enjoy the item really. i only comment because when i started my original blog a while ago, it was because i had pieces that i thought were super great, yet i didn't wear. many had reasons like you listed, great pieces, bought on sale, not quite right (size, or fit, or color or whatever). i cleared those out and now want only things that i can love and wear.

a. said...

hi editor,

well, i think i must be a bit different from you on that point! :-) sometimes i do get frustrated with myself for buying things that i don't wear, but for me, there is a difference between things that i bring home and realize i don't like, and things that i may rarely or ever wear, but provide me with inspiration, remind me of who i am, style-wise. when i was in junior high i had a gorgeous 1940's silk dress, a thrift store find, that i donated in a cleaning fit (it was falling apart, didn't really fit me anymore...) how i regret that day!!! i still think about that dress, hope i will find something similar. not because i could necessarily wear it... just because it reminded me of who i am and what i like. sometimes i feel like it's being a curator of my own collection... some things stay in storage, others are for every day use.

that's not to say that i don't have my share of duds. which i'm trying to cut down on. though, no matter how hard i try to plan ahead, i find that i can pretty much NEVER predict what items will become my workhorses and which will languish at the bottom of my closet. totally frustrating! the other thing is, i guess for me, "trophy" means something prized and cherished, and wearing it would mean wearing it out. two workhorse examples: 1) a 4-year-old pink and brown tweed coat from etam (like a slightly nicer forever 21?) in paris. bought on a whim. it's totally worn from use, and i've had to have the lining re-done, but it is a wardrobe staple. 2) a black leather miu miu purse i found randomly at a consignment shop for $25. the lining was ripped and the leather pull-tab on the zipper was broken, both of which i finally just fixed last week (!), after using it constantly for three years. i guess i do congratulate myself over these items, but i don't parade around in them. that's reserved for things like my marni heels and vintage wool coat. :-)