1. name a rebellious fashion muse.
2. who is the most rebellious designer? what or who is she/he rebelling against?
3. name a rebellious article of clothing.
4. name a rebellious aritcle of footwear.
5. pick a rebellious color.
6. what is the most rebellious item of clothing you own? when do you wear it?
7. when is rebellion attractive?
8. when isn't it?


martha said...

1. Anyone who doesn't wear heels or makeup.
2. For her personal style, Westwood is a wonderfully rebellious person (maybe I will contradict myself and say that she might be my answer for #1). She defies age. I like that. For actual designs, perhaps comme de garcons or yamamoto, dries - they don't seem to do trends really. The don't follow or feed the market.
3. Jeans are an obvious, but with them being so trendy now, I don't know if that undermines them. I suppose a basic levis 501 - then you would be rebelling against skinny jeans too. Or colorful socks, or a pantsuit (a one-piece, I mean) - anything that the majority would not wear or would seem an unexpected, individual touch. With fashion, any individual gesture is usually taken as rebellious.
4. Flat shoes.
5. I would say that the rebelliousness of a color is determined by the other color or colors it is responding to. If you are wearing all grey or all black and then have on flourescent shoes (and it's not 1980anything), then that bright color is rebellious. Know what I mean?
6. ____
7. This is going to sound weird but, always, as long as it's respectful - that is, I'm very much in favor of going against the grain if it's in the name of self-expression, but not purely for shock value, and not in the name of chaos or anarchy (I guess I just answered 8. too). Otherwise, it's ageless and genderless. It's all good.

Carlene said...

This is a really thought-provoking post!

1. Isabella Rosselini
2. Ann Demeulemeester; Thom Browne. I think they rebel against trend, even though in doing so they create trend (inadvertently?)
4. Men's shoes on a woman. Women's shoes on a man.
6. Depends on where it's worn. I have some vintage that gets stares here in BuFu, IL.
7, 8. I completely agree with martha up there.

a. said...

1) anyone "old". i mean, the standard for a muse is "a young, cool girl of today". blah. what would happen if someone took say, madeleine albright - a powerful, smart, *old* woman, as a muse?

2) not any of the designers who have runway shows in nyc/london/paris/milan.

3) monk's robes.

4) birkenstocks, worn with socks.

5) anything fluorescent.

6) a navy blue wool cape. i wear it rarely because it makes me stand out. i've worn it out to dinner in the wintertime. i just started a new job and i'm hoping that i will be able to muster up my courage to wear it to work someday soon when it's cold and wet out.

7) when it's real.

8) when it's fake.

editor said...

a. i like your 7. and 8. answers especially!

everyone's responses have made me think and i am so glad for that!

a. said...

:-) i must say, i'm loving your blog. the ideas you throw out and questions you pose are so thought-provoking. perfect for a fashion nerd like me! :-)

editor said...

a. - thank you so much!!!

Candid Cool said...

1. Olsens, in that they're different from the other 20 something girls. Young rich women, without a mini dog, parole hearing, that's not styled by rachel zoe?! shocking!!!
2. demeuleemester, she doesnt do trend & its kind of the same every season. and it's a lot of black.
3. Heels, they're no good for the feet, sometimes they hurt, but women wear them anyway
4. Heels (see above)
5. Red
6. Long black dress esp. when i want to be overly elegant, when i get frustrated & want to stand apart from aspects of my work environment
7. dressing up despite what as tim gunn would call it: "the slobification of america"
8. out of control kids in stores & their parents dont say 2 words to them or that dirty hippie look.