Six questions

who, what, why, where, when and how.

in what order, from most to least, are these important in terms of how you feel about and in what you are wearing?

for me, what i'm wearing, how i'm wearing it, why i'm wearing it, who i'm wearing, where i'm wearing it and when.


Carlene said...

1. what i'm wearing
2. why i'm wearing it
3. how i'm wearing it
4. when i'm wearing it
5. where i'm wearing it
6. who i'm wearing

Iheartfashion said...

1. where I'm wearing it
2. what I'm wearing
3. how I'm wearing it
4. who I'm wearing
5. why I'm wearing it
6. when I'm wearing it

Iheartfashion said...

BTW, where are your Monday additions to a very small wardrobe? I'm looking forward to the fall stuff!

editor said...

i know - every day, by the time i have time to take a picture, i'm a sweaty mess. where exactly is fall??? i am hoping to get back on schedule next week, starting wednesday though, then regular mondays, hopefully.

martha said...

1. what
2. who
3. how
4. where
5. why
6. when

Candid Cool said...
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Candid Cool said...

1. where
2. why
3. how
4. what
5. when
6. who

i'm sure there's overlapping with why/where, but i usu. dont care what brand i'm wearing.

landis said...

god. i'm the contrarian again.

they are all so inter-related for me i'm not sure i can tease them apart.

what i'm wearing depends on: where i'm going, and informs why i'm wearing it. so then i can decide WHO makes a good version of it, once i decide WHAT it is i am even wearing in the first place.

how did i get here?

editor said...

okay landis, let's say it's raining, it's your birthday party at a restaurant in the early evening and you feel really happy. which of those things is the most influential on what you pick to wear?

Anonymous said...

for me, what i'm wearing, how i'm wearing it, why i'm wearing it, who i'm wearing, where i'm wearing it and when.

1. What i'm wearing
2. How I'm wearing it
3. Where I'm wearing it
3. When I'm Wearing it.
5. Why I'm wearing it.
6. Who I'm wearing.

When and where I'm wearing an outfit are equally important.

I really don't care who designed the cloting I wear as long as it is comfortable and flattering!



landis said...


most important, my birthday. because there are far too few occasions in life to get dressed up. and screw the rain, because nothing comes between me and a chance to dress up.

and OF COURSE I'M HAPPY! it's my birthday!

editor said...