What's fair is fair

i think designers, make that many designers, are artists. that being the case, their lines are their art, their vision, etc. at the same time, they are also consumers who need (or choose) to wear clothing. for some, the runway seems an extension of their own style. for others, it is entirely separate. i must confess, i feel a bit miffed when a designer puts out a collection that is this, that or the other, and steps out to take their bow in jeans and a t-shirt. it might be a bit too harsh to use the word "hypocrite", but if that were a room, the designers would be at least standing in a hallway that leads there. and i absolutely respect someone who lives their own vision, both as an endorsement of the clothing and as confirmation that they're putting themselves out there, in something genuine.

do you ever expect designers to wear their own clothing? or at least embrace the aesthetic they produce?
putting aside the motivation to make money and give the customer what she/he wants, if you designed, would you wear your own stuff? would you design for yourself, or for a fantasy?


Candid Cool said...

there are definite designers whose "uniforms" become their signature (ex: michael kors). but i prefer it if designers would wear their own aesthetic, so hats off to galliano & yes even to kate moss for wearing "her" collection.

i would wear my own designs, it would be the reason i started designing in the 1st place.
and i would design for myself w/ a little bit of fantasy. there's a lot of dreamer in me.

martha said...

I think it's as you say, I see the designer as more genuine, their designs as more genuine, when it's something that they personally embrace. Todd Oldham designed consistent with a larger aesthetic that he promoted, Cynthia Rowley pretty much looks like her target customer. When runways are filled with floaty pieces and dangerous shoes and then the designer bows in old jeans and sneakers, it does undermine them, for me. Obviously this is not the case if it's a couture show, as these creations are not designed for daily wear, but if it's a general collection and the designer cannot find anything that they've made to wear, how can I? Maybe that's naive.
I could never design, so I don't think I can answer the second part, but hopefully I wouldn't be a hypocrite.