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green gifts are getting a lot of media coverage this year. honestly, i would not mind if, as a gift, someone planted a tree or adopted a manatee (for me). but after december comes january, and then february, and then march, and then a few more months until my birthday, and then i don't keep track again until we run the whole cycle and get closer to my birthday again, but all the while, the ozone keeps getting depleted and a whole mess of other related problems contribute to yet more problems, and i keep shopping. i'm saying it's not exclusively a holiday problem. so on to a solution - if some how my constant shopping activity, let's say X, could some how be turned into a positive factor to offset global warming, we'll call that Y, then maybe i could single-handedly save the world or everyone could do it together. just a pipe dream?

which would be your preferred way for fashion to go green:

A. any item sitting unused in your closet for more than 4 weeks (during the appropriate season for the item) gets donated to a shelter or charity.

B. all your current clothing could last forever (indestructible...that means impervious to coffee and chocolate).

C. when you're done with an item, you plant it and a tree grows.

D. a % of every fashion purchase goes towards the manatee (or some equivalent, or some equivalent).

E. ______.

(if you're waiting for me to bring the x and y back into the equation to justify their introduction, i'm sorry to say i'm just going to leave them hanging.)

normal rockwell's 'night out'


Carlene said...

C. when you're done with an item, you plant it and a tree grows!!!

This is just a really great idea. Okay, all we need to do is somehow implant biodegradable clothing (paper dresses, anyone?) with tree seeds! I am so there.

Candid Cool said...

A. but C. would be kind of interesting

Shar said...

I already sort of do A., but I like the ideas of both B and C.

Iheartfashion said...

I find the idea of "green" fashion somewhat laughable, as it's an industry based on creating the constant desire for change and the next new thing, not necessarily timeless clothes.
Also, between extravagant runway shows, and the fashion flock flying from New York to London, to Milan to Paris several times a year to attend them, this is a pretty carbon-heavy business!
But I don't mean to sound preachy...I'm just as guilty as anyone of taking part in and enjoying the whole spectacle.

B.S.A.G. said...

A., because it's something that any of us can realistically do right now. How many more people, I wonder, have just never thought of donating unwanted clothing and would welcome the suggestion?

My "E" answer would be more encouragement (and media attention) for use of recycled and repurposed materials -it's still much more economical and environmentally sound than producing brand-new goods, no matter how "organic".

Anonymous said...

Shopping makes the world go round, if we stop it stops! (I thought everyone knew that)

E. Make sure that the manufacturers are as green as possible and respect their workers - Have two less shopping hours per week and do volunteer work instead.


a. said...

i LOVE the idea of B! if the few items that i really loved, lasted forever, i truly would be in fashion/style heaven...also, i would have to somehow stop losing things.

i kind of do A already tho it's more of a yearly thing than monthly. still, do y'all know about the amount of used clothing that this country already generates? way more than others in the US can consume, and balesful of it gets shipped to africa, where it's so cheap (and prestigious) that local (traditional) cloth manufacturers are struggling. there was a big article about it in the ny times a few years ago... i'm gonna try and find a link to it. anyway, point being, we really gotta stop consuming so much in the first place... but i struggle with that as much as anyone else.

here's the article:
"How Susie Bayer's T-Shirt Ended Up on Yusuf Mama's Back"

a. said...

another, older article on the same topic:

The Clothes Horse said...

I already do A., C. would be amazing, but I wouldn't like B. I like changing up my wardrobe, I donate what I don't wear and buy a lot from thrift stores.
P.S. Love the Norman Rockwell picture.

editor said...

theclotheshorse - i'm glad you liked the pic. i love finding them for each post.

a. thank you for those links. i'll read them later today. and i kind of liked the idea of B too, for some of my items ;) so we can't implement it until i feel that way about all of it.

TravelGretta said...

I already do A (and everyone should!), but I think D is a great idea, and I wish that clothing designers would take some initiative with this idea. Like, $10 from every $1000 Balenciaga purse? Would it kill them?