actresses, musicians, models, socialites, heiresses, even figure skaters and cowboys do it. many people harbor delusions of design talent. additionally, the market is flooded with underwhelming talent that is legitimately trained to work in the fashion trade. and then there are happy sparks of really really good stuff (which i think is the exception).

is there anyone (artist, author, photographer, poet, philosopher, etc.) who does not work in fashion (living or passed) who you would be curious to see what they might create if they did?

both: Hector Guimard


Anonymous said...

Gustav Klimt and Paul Klee. I think those two might have a similar way of approaching clothing.

martha said...

louise bourgeois, William Van Alen ... probably more.

landis smithers said...

oooooh!! love the guimard metro stop! my friend gail did a whole short movie on it and the version that was built in chicago. i should get you a copy.

i would love to see what ayn rand would do with clothing.

jakjak said...

I choose Palamo Picasso but she sort of work in fashion doesnt she?
Apart from her I'd go with the architect Zaha Hadid.

editor said...

i had been consciously avoiding the ss08 collections because i don't want to be rushed, don't want to think about it warm weather right now, but finally took a peek and prada is covered in art nouveau! yippee

landis - i did not know there was a version in chicago. why aren't there versions everywhere? moma in ny has a frame for a metro stop.

jakjak - do you think she would focus on angular, or gravity-defying in her fashions? i would think there would be interesting collars.

martha - mmmm louise. :)

genx - it speaks to my lack of imagination, but i can only picture fabric from them, not so much constructions.

a. said...

jonathan ive (vp of product design at apple).

i'd love to see what ikea designers would come up with if put to the task of clothing design.

i guess i can't really think of people who aren't in a design-related field at all... hmm.

maybe zadie smith because she always looks so cool in her photos...