i love the combination of certain items that i have with certain other items - like the perfect top for a particular pair of pants, or my favorite shoe with a particular dress. but in addition to contributing to a sum, the parts also exist ... as parts. what about independent favorites? items that you just love best for some quality that they have which sets them apart from your other comparable items? perhaps it's the color of a particular sweater, or the collar of a shirt. i think my idea of heaven is wearing head-to-toe favorites, regardless of their harmony with each other. but i also think that to my eye, a harmony would definitely exist between the pieces.

if you could pick each of your favorite individual items (favorite top, favorite bottom, favorite shoes, favorite hairstyle, favorite accessories, favorite hat, favorite hosiery, favorite outerwear, etc.) - and this can actually be hard to do once you pick one, because there is an inclination to think of the next item in relation to it - and wore them all at the same time, would it be an ensemble you would wear out of the house?


Allure said...

Yes, I will. The colours in my closet are mostly neutrals, and I don't have that many plaid or striped things(or any other print apart from liberty). Seems boring, but I only like to experience with silhouettes and textures.

Allure said...
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Alexandra said...

Most likely yes.
The overwhelming majority of my clothes are black, so I wouldn't have to worry about colours clashing. Also, there's the same fashion sensibility that governed all purchases, so most everything goes together with everything else.

this one guy said...

nah...my favorite is plaid, so i'd look like a clown. anybody seen "Shakes the Clown" (starring Bobcat Goldwaithe)? great movie.

martha said...

I think you're right. I think it would be very hard for me to pick my favorites totally independently of one another. My impulse would be to choose a favorite outfit. I will think about this and try to do it. I suspect that the combination would be one that I would not ordinarily choose, but I do think that it ought to be. I think it would be very nice to wear all of my favorites at once, and not just while fleeing from the proverbial burning building.

Candid Cool said...

yes. i've put together some outfits where i just wanted to wear my favorite things. and my clothing is very versatile.

and i like the picture you chose. somehow mary kate just makes things work.

coco said...

That picture is amazing by the way!
I don't know if i could wear mine, my favouirte things are always changing as i buy new things
i got a great dress today though which i want to wear everyday, whether it goes with anything or not!

landis smithers said...

you make the call:

hot pink matte satin lanvin tennis shoes.

super scary skinny diesel gray blue denim jeans (i'm wearin them out i love them so much)

semi sheer (not as tacky as it sounds) overlong ric owens long sleeved tee in this bizarre nylon/silk

ultra tight/draped japanese high collar coat in navy with all kinds of random seams and raw edges.

gray sable scarf.


i'm an olsen.

the Grey said...

Hmm, this inspired some thought! I'm not even sure I can pick just one favourite from each category... I'll need to think about it. I'll jot this idea down and make it a goal to wear an outfit thus combined in the near future. I hope my choices won't be too traditionally harmonious together, that would be boring:)

Iheartfashion said...

I want Landis's clothes!

In Yr Fshn said...

Definitely not. I'd look a fool!