sorry so late - had to run out to snap these pictures.
yellow leaves. yellow leaves and grey bark.


landis smithers said...

nice. pretty.

what's the question again?


happy turkey day, cutie.

martha said...

grey and yellow, so beautiful.

a. said...


Jessica said...

This is exactly what I needed to persuade me to buy a yellow clutch I've been eyeing. I had no idea what to wear it with, but my grey shift dress would be a lovely pairing for it!

editor said...

jessica - my pictures don't even do them justice, but no question about it, yellow and grey are gorgeous together, as trees, or outfits. :)

martha, a., i'm not generally a big sucker for the "turning of the leaves" and all that, but the yellow i find really beautiful.

landis - "cutie" :D
the "inspiration" posts freqeuntly don't have a question with them.