Matter matters

if asked to provide a starting point for a line, or even a single piece of clothing, to be designed from scratch, what inspirations would you choose?

shako hat,art by louise bourgeois,dior,proenza schouler ss08


Carlene said...

The person (real or imaginary) for whom I'm designing.

Candid Cool said...

Fashion inspiration usually starts at menswear for me.

ps i like the pictures you chose.

landis smithers said...

ayn rand's atlas shrugged
(the jewelry descriptions alone are perfection)

auntie mame
(the rosalind russel version)

ashley furnival
(a stylist i work with, who can combine the most disparate of elements into a flawless whole)

Alexandra said...

This is a tough question.
I have some pieces of vintage costume jewellery that are not wearable in their current state but would provide amazing inspiration for accesories, and even pieces of clothing.

jakjak said...

I would start with Katherine Hepburn and mix her up with Veronica Lake and throw some chiffon over the whole thing

a. said...

as an architect-type, i tend to start with the user(s), the site, its context. so if it were a person asking for a piece of clothing for themselves, i think i'd start with them. if i were starting my OWN line, i suppose i'd probably imagine who my potential client is... who would probably be very similar to me i guess since that's who i'm always thinking of (clothing) design ideas for! :-)

but then anything can provide inspiration - just the other day i noticed safety-reflective material on a very stylish runner's ankles and i thought how cool it could be used in different ways in clothing. (and useful when i'm walking home from work in the evenings). i just have to take the plunge and actually buy a sewing machine...

Iheartfashion said...

The Great Gatsby
riding clothes
Cy Twombly
Patti Smith
Edith Piaf
that's what pops into my head when I think about inspiration for a collection I'd design.

martha said...

Probably a building. Which building would depend on my mood, which depends on many other factors.

In Yr Fshn said...

Godard movies. The clothing, the idea, the lifestyle: all perfect!