Beyond our control

i have always really liked my sign, my astrological sign, that explains my character and qualities, shifting responsibility for my flaws and making my talents irrefutable. for the most part, the profile is pretty accurate, and i'm not someone who subscribes to astrology, except when i do; i like to think i have free will and all of that, but some of that stuff is just spot on, and harmless fun. i decided to look around and see what the charts pointed to, fashion-wise, for me, and i deserved what i found. yuck! clearly the same people who determined that i'm adaptable and versatile, communicative and witty, cunning and inquisitive, superficial and inconsistent (hey, the truth shouldn't hurt) have no clue about taste. my taste. they really failed to predict that. in addition to suggestions that were off the charts, presumptions about my style were made based on personality traits associated with my sign. trendy and indecisive? me? i don't think so.

but, i do see one key consistency between my style and my astrological sign - the duality. very inconvenient when i'm shopping with one budget, to feel pulled in two different directions. for the most part, recently i've tried to stick with the side that leans to the practical (as i define it) and simple, and i let the contradicting impulse to futz with that pick the occasional accessory, but otherwise i suppress it. so far it works pretty well, and both of us, of me, are happy.

below are a few of the traits attributed to each sign

aries: adventurous, pioneering, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, impulsive daredevil
taurus: patient, loving, persistent, security-loving, possessive, inflexible
gemini: adaptable, versatile, intellectual, superficial, inconsistent, inquisitive
cancer: emotional, intuitive, shrewd, cautious, moody, clinging and unable to let go
leo: generous, creative, enthusiastic, broad-minded, faithful, dogmatic, patronizing
virgo: modest, shy, meticulous, practical, intelligent, diligent, fussy, overcritical, conservative
libra: urbane, romantic, easygoing, sociable, indecisive, easily influenced, flirtatious, self-indulgent
scorpio: determined, emotional, intuitive, passionate, jealous, compulsive, secretive
sagittarius: optimistic, freedom-loving, good-humored, straightforward, intellectual, careless, superficial, restless
capricorn: practical, prudent, humorous, patient, careful, reserved
aquarius: honest, original, inventive, independent, intellectual, contrary, unpredictable, detached
pisces: imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind, selfless, unworldly, intuitive, sympathetic, escapist, idealistic, secretive, vague, weak-willed, easily led.

do any of the traits from your astrological sign apply to your style?


Gervy said...

You deserve a rest, you have been churning out brilliant posts for ages. Feel better soon.

La Belette Rouge said...

Poor, Editor! Take good care of yourself and feel better.

TravelGretta said...

Feel better! Take a nap and dream of a neverending flawless wardrobe.

editor said...

HA travelgretta, i did take a nap and i did do my favorite pre-sleep daydreaming about clothes and boy was i peeved to fall asleep just as it was getting good.

gervy, labeletterouge, travelgretta - thanks so much!! didn't mean to fish for sympathy - i just wanted to explain so that people wouldn't think something was wrong with their server/connection when a new post didn't load today. :D

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon Editor!

editor said...

genxtheorist - thank you! sorry you came all the way and no new post.

i just fixed that. :)

Shar said...

aquarius: honest, original, inventive, independent, intellectual, contrary, unpredictable, detached

That is 100% me.

I wonder often with these types of things if they really are accurate, or if we just choose to see ourselves in the descritptions. Whatever, I have been told by other people I am definitely an aquarius, so its not just me!

editor said...

shar, does it translate at all to your style? original and inventive, perhaps?
i didn't learn about my astrological sign until my personality was well under way, and it always felt like a good fit. last night i read more in depth profiles for my sign than i have ever bothered with before and some rather...interesting quirks were specifically mentioned. frankly, it was kind of creepy.

martha said...

Oh dear, yes. But not one of the better adjectives, I'm afraid.

Alexandra said...

Not at all, actually.

pisces: imaginative (ok, maybe), sensitive (don't think so), compassionate (rarely), kind(meh), selfless( ha ha ha!!!), unworldly( absolutely not!), intuitive( don't think so), sympathetic( not really), escapist( maybe), idealistic( maybe), secretive( meh), vague( nope), weak-willed( absolutely fucking not!), easily led( never!).

Actually, my horoscope never really suited my personality.Not that I believe in that stuff anyway, but even people that do never guess I'm a pisces.

TravelGretta said...

cancer: emotional, intuitive, shrewd, cautious, moody, clinging and unable to let go

I absolutely have difficulty letting clothing go. I always think "well, what if there's a costume party where I need to wear overalls from 1992?".

Gervy said...

libra: urbane, romantic, easygoing, sociable, indecisive, easily influenced, flirtatious, self-indulgent

Urbane? Dunno. Romantic - I am consciously focusing on looking more romantic actually. I've got an old-fashioned looking face and hair (I should have been born in the Edwardian period) so I've decided that soft and slightly retro is the way to go for me. Sociable - yes, my clothes are happy to be worn by others, especially my big sister. Easygoing - yes if that means lazy. In the past I haven't put a lot of thought into creating outfits. I'm working on it a bit now. Indecisive - yes, to some extent. I have been known to try on more than one thing in the morning, but surely everyone does that? Easily influenced? No. I only ever wear trends that really suit me, not just because they are "now". Flirtatious - not especially. I rarely wear anything remotely revealing or which could be described as sexy. Self-indulgent - yes, I guess, since I will buy things I don't strictly need - but again, I think that's everyone except the editor.

In conclusion, while I do think my personality fits my star sign, I'm not sure about my wardrobe being aligned with the stars.

landis smithers said...

you are sick?? you AND my puppy!!

now i'm pissed. this is wrong. two in one day. someone is messing with me. . .

(i'm very possessive of my . . . posessions. friends. pets. whatever.)

i am sorry you're under the weather. don't get pneumonia. apparently it manifests as IV drips, isolation, howling, and inconsolable shaking and groaning when you try to leave the isolation pen. don't try it.

as for signs, i was born on a cusp, under a full moon, on the day the first men landed on it. no kidding. always throws astrologers. cause like t-gret, i am a cancer with all that mess and goodness, AND a leo, with all that, well, mess.

i love you i need you go away i am the king of the jungle no wait why aren't you paying attention to me look i'm brilliantly creative i made this for you wait i like it i'm keeping it for myself. . .

thank god tim is a scorpio. perfect balance.

as for my wardrobe . . . poor thing. it is vibrant and subtle, full of one-offs and timelessness. so, good, but also, never QUITE finished.


Anonymous said...

Whoa - Landis! My parents are a Cancer/Leo cusp and a Scorpio too!! And look...they made moi, as follows:

taurus: patient, loving, persistent, security-loving, possessive, inflexible

Don't suppose either avec or grr were born Late April - Late May eh?

Yup, I'm one of them "Oh, I don't really believe in astrology - but DUDE! I'm totally a Taurus!" types. Possessive (of my couture). Loving (of my couture and my puppy). Inflexible (about not buying couture). Patient (about calling everywhere til I find that piece.).

Mmmm, hmmm.

In fact, being a Taurus means I have full license to be materialistic.'s in my nature, yeah! "My taste is very simple...nothing but the best."

Travel Gretta - I can't tell you how many tears I've shed about that fatal day around 2001 when I decided to let go of the past and got rid of a. my Osh Kosh overalls from 1990 b. my docs and c. my LL Bean toggle tent coat.

I'm going to go cry in my pillow now...

editor said...

i scoffed at the "indecisive" review for my sign and then yesterday i reconsidered an item i had returned. damn.

editor said...

i like this:
"love you i need you go away i am the king of the jungle no wait why aren't you paying attention to me look i'm brilliantly creative i made this for you wait i like it i'm keeping it for myself. . ."

can i change signs?

editor said...

travelgretta - are you happy though, keeping things? want to avoid a tearful genxtheorist situation, just keep your stuff i guess. i always got inner hives when i would see a friend's closet with pieces in it from jr. high, while we were in college.

gervy, to my mind, i do buy things i don't strictly need, otherwise i would only own like 6 pieces of clothing. ;)

alexandra - if not your personality, do any of those adjectives relate to your style at all?

La Belette Rouge said...

Pisces, and, yes.
I am easily bugged and irritated by bad fabrics. Since my fashion style is French chic it is very escapist and imaginative.

Vildy said...

Gee, aren't we all Geminis when it comes to fashion? I certainly am, though a Leo.

editor said...

vildy - i love the idea, though i have a friend who is unwaivering in her style/taste.

fashionista-ta said...

How funny ... I am also a Leo on the Cancer cusp (the two most opposite adjacent signs) ... you didn't mention that Leos are dramatic, I'd say that manifests in my wardrobe. I also have Venus in Virgo, and that definitely manifests in my taste--I am extremely choosy. Sometimes it drives me crazy, like when I cannot find a perfume I like. But once I find something I like, I am absolutely loyal to it.

a. said...

holy shit landis! fashionista-ta! i am a cancer/leo cusp too!!! wtf??? to the day - i'm the last day of cancer. and i have like 10 million scorpio friends.... this is the kind of stuff that makes me believe this stuff.... damn.

and i am definitely dramatic at times (wanting to wear antler headdresses?) and very crabby at other times (wearing jeans and a sweater and wanting to just blend into the crowd, not be noticed...) but then i sometimes think that's too easy of an explanation of it all. i have a friend with the same birthday and her style is quite different - very straightforward, assertive, professional, not ever really dramatic/leo-like in the way that i like to be (i.e. sequins, bright colors, crazy headdresses etc.)

editor said...

a. well now i have those style swings too and i attribute them to being the 2-minded gemini. maybe deep inside we're all gemini slash cancer/leos...
though so far, on the outside, i'm very outnumbered by you cancer/leos. bunch of nuts.