Pencil it in

there is really no need to have a reason to shop, but the calendar does come with a few built-in. cutting out the gift-giving incentives (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays) and the "shop now!" black friday imperative, and looking just at the impetus for personal-shopping, my primary cause for the shopping effect is the change in season. i used to reassess my needs and supplies when the weather still shifted with some degree of predictability, but with fall clothes being shown and shared via fashion runways in the spring, and spring collections revealed in the fall, it is possible that the industry preemptively jump starts the process in me, and gets the ball rolling. anyway, when i was younger, the seasons delivered an excuse to shop. i grew up without real seasons yet the magazines always got me drooling for corduroys in september for 'back-to-school' (those same corduroys got me panting in 90 degree heat, but that's another story).

as the beginnings of semesters and beginnings of vacations stopped defining my year, i found myself living across the country among the long-dreamed of seasons. real, actual, perceptible changes in weather. hot, cold, the works. the works are getting noticeably more and more gummed up, i'll admit. this year, summer lasted a long time, then it was suddenly winter, then it was fall for a week, then back to winter, then a day of spring and now it's winter again. but for me, september still means fall (blazers, cardigans), even if it's 80 degrees outside, and december is winter (hats, boots). spring (dresses) will roll around in april, even if it's snowing, and summer (sandals) comes in june. i'm programmed, i think, to make sure i have the necessary supplies, and if not, it's my job to shop for them.

if there were absolutely no seasons, and therefore no need for seasonal wardrobes (even if you live in a mild climate, the media heralds in the new season and delivers a sense of cycle), how would your shopping habits be effected?


Anonymous said...

This is sort of a copout, but I guess I would either create a structure, like arbitrarily choose certain months as points in the year at which to reassess and (re)build my wardrobe, or I would just shop randomly throughout the year.
I am thinking that the latter sounds almost depressing, and I don't know why.

Iheartfashion said...

I'd hate to be without seasons!
But I'd probably still shop according to habit in the Fall. Actually, I shop year-round anyway, whenever I'm in the mood.

Candid Cool said...

i try to follow fashion seasons as much as possible w/o fainting. if i had it my way it would always be fall, im so much better dressed & my hair is much nicer too :)

but if there were no seasons i wouldnt buy anymore leather jackets (unless extensively marked down) :(

TravelGretta said...

Seattle has 1.5 seasons: rainy and 3 weeks of summer. I pretend we have more, and also shop for vacation seasons (i.e. skiing in winter/beach in March). Variety IS the spice of life, and without formally marked seasons, I'd probably create my own. And they would last 2 months. More variety!

jakjak said...

I'd also invent some seasons - I'd have:
Opera Season, a time of long velvet capes and floor length gowns
Sport Season, of jewel coloured yoga pants and Kaftan tops
Eating Season, muu muu's obviously
Shopping Season, where anything goes and I carry a large bag

landis smithers said...

oooh. love jakjak's idea. also dig the name.

in sf, we have an eternal spring. which means cashmere year round. or scarves and sweaters. or tees and blazers and driving gloves. or any layering system you come up with. even shorts with cashmere hoodies and work boots go here.

i think it's just perfect.

a. said...

oh my god, i want to live in the world that has jakjak's seasons!!! particularly opera season. i just bought some elbow-length gloves...

even though i grew up in a snowless clime, back-to-school was always one of my favorite times of the year for clothes shopping. (and also cos school was starting (big nerd), and also for school supply shopping (ooh how i miss it!)). shopping for fall is still my favorite of all, and i think i'd probably still do it no matter where i lived. (and use it as excuse for exceeding my clothing budget, as i currently am doing... i mean, spring shopping just doesn't compare, right??)

currently, i live in the bay area (the beast, not SF), where we do have some semblance of seasons... but i do my share of pretending, so that i'm freezing in summer, because damn it, i feel like wearing sandals and floaty tops. or burning up in the winter in a wool coat and gloves. (winter equals gloves. i suppose i wouldn't do well in the tropics.)