1. in the dressing room, you see someone trying on a top you like very much (last one available, and in your size). it looks great on them. do you give them a compliment, dissuade them from buying it, or say nothing?

2. in general, circumstances neutral, do you give unsolicited opinions to fellow-shoppers?

3. if a great top that you really want has very light makeup on it, or (sorry) deodorant marks, what do you do?

4. you have been waiting for 20 minutes for a dressing room, it's your turn next and you just realized that your parking meter is about to expire. what do you do?

5. there is a 30 minute wait at the dressing rooms for your gender. the dressing rooms for the opposite gender are all empty, but a sales person tells you that you cannot use them because of your gender (even though they are all individual private rooms with doors). what do you do?

6. a sales person is giving more attention to your companion (who is not there to shop) than to you. what do you do?

7. the music playing in a boutique is so loud that you can't hear yourself think. what do you do?


Iheartfashion said...

1. Probably I'd say nothing, but wait to see if they left the top and grab it.
2. I won't offer a negative opinion to a stranger, but I'll offer a compliment if something looks really great.
3. I'd only buy it if it was amazing and one-of-a-kind. Otherwise, I'm kind of grossed out by that stuff.
4. If you only knew how many parking tickets I've had...
5. I'm too impatient to wait for a dressing room. I'd leave without buying.
6. I've only ever had this happen with car shopping, where the salesman (naturally) talked to my husband rather than me. My husband is very attuned to this though, and said "The car is for my wife, not me; you should be talking to her."
7. This makes me feel old, and usually only happens in stores where I have no business being anyway, like Forever 21.

editor said...

1. maybe say nothing, maybe consider it a lost cause and give them a compliment.

2. not unsolicited.

3. probably lose my attraction for the item.

4. if i think i could make it to the car in time, i would give the clothes to a sales person to hold and dash for the meter. (if i had a car.)

5. the last time this happened, i left (and i was peeved).

6. if my companion was my husband, i would leave - and maybe call the manager later to complain. if not, i would find someone else to assist me (very rare that i ask for or need assistance though).

7. if it's the only flaw and doesn't give me a headache, i put up with it. my mom, on the other hand, would definitely say something, or march outside while loudly making her grievance known. i might do that too in 20-30 more years. iheartfashion - i don't go into forever 21, because i haven't been 21 in forever. ;)

martha said...

1. If it looked that good, they would buy it any way. I would probably go ahead and give them the compliment, and my wistful tone would reveal my sacrifice.

2. Positive, yes.

3. Skip it. I know a lot of people who wouldn't let that stop them though.

4. Oh I would have to run for the meter. Cursing the whole way.

5. Lose all interest in shopping in the face of this cruddy service. Leave.

6. Same answer as #5

7. I would explain to the nearest sales person that the noise is bothering me. If they don't care, I shouldn't be in there.

TravelGretta said...

#7 - THANK YOU for reminding me. I have a call to make, to DSW. That club music makes me bananas, and I'd be more likely to stay longer and buy more shoes if it were something I could sing and dance to.

Candid Cool said...

1. compliment
2. I did once when I was a teenager, the lady asked me if it was too young for her (we were in wet seal) and I kinda said, “yeaahh.” But I would give a compliment to stranger.
3. um…if I really really really absolutely love it, I can wash it.
4. any kind of car related penalty sucks. Put the clothes on hold, and put those quarters in!
5. that’s the dumbest crap I’ve heard, and I’d walk out.
6. Hm…I don’t know. It really depends.
7. If I don’t find something I immediately like, I’ve walked out. And depends on how “fresh” I am. If I just got off work, I’m tired, hungry, I’m not trying to have blaring music going on. And like Iheart this was at a Forever 21!

a. said...

1. i say nothing, and i also feign complete disinterest... this has worked in my favor on more than one occasion.

2. no. only if someone asks. then, i will offer it up in heaps. :-)

3. try and get the store to give me a discount on it. this has happened to me once or twice, though not in a long long time... and i have been able to get the stains out successfully. (it's a tricky call tho...)

4. ask if the person behind me, or the fitting room attendant, or whomever, will please remember who i am when i come back from feeding the meter! i'm not waiting again!

5. screw that shit. though, i wouldn't have the guts to actually push my way past the salesperson so i'd probably leave. or if there was some item i desperately wanted, i'd see if i could try it on in a dark corner of the store.

6. i generally hate fawning salespeople, so i'd be fine with it, unless i had questions/needed help and they ignored me/were rude. then i'd get irritated... and i would probably leave (i.e. vote with my feet, not shop there). that kind of stuff makes me quickly lose my desire for the goods on sale. (i haven't ever the experience that something is so perfect that i put up with bad service... mostly because i can never find that perfect item...)

7. if i really want to see what the store has, i'll try and speed my way through the place. otherwise, i won't go in in the first place. (abercrombie and fitch, anyone?)

jakjak said...

1 - Tell 'em it looks great & that if they don't want it you know someone else who does
2 - I'm always complimenting fellow shoppers
3 - The mark wouldn't bother me, but I would mention it to see if I got offered a discount
4 - I would add the cost of the parking ticket to the clothes I am about to buy
5 - Buy the stuff I really wanted, try it on at home and return the duds (this is my usual modis operandi anyway)
6 - Be louder, funnier and UNIGNORABLE (that is a word ok)
7 - Stop thinking ,start purchasing

Gervy said...

1. it's never happened, but I would probably give them my woeful puppydog look and moan about how much I NEED it.
2. yes, only positive - if someone is looking at an outfit and looking a bit doubtful but I think they look great in it, I tell them
3. Assuming the gunk looked like it would wash off, I'd buy it anyway and ask for a discount.
4. I have never owned a car and would like to avoid having one in future, so I can't turn my mind to this one.
5. Fight!
6. I'd be pleased to have them out of my hair.
7. Rock out!