Rinse and repeat

i've been using shampoo for as long as i can remember. i've been obsessively buying and using conditioner for a long long time. one product is pretty much like the next, but i find myself drawn to the "directions for use," on each, reading them prior to purchase and prior to use. that in and of itself isn't so odd, if it weren't for the fact that i read them prior to use on a nearly daily basis. i'm not sure why. something to do while waiting for the water to warm up maybe. i only read the conditioner and treatment bottles, i might add. shampoos frequently recommend the idiotic "rinse and repeat."

magazines are filled with "do" and "don't" lists, there are books on style, books on colors, people who are paid to give their advice. some subscribe, some ignore. with products, i crave the line or 2 about application to wet or damp hair, the guidelines for 1-3 minutes or 5. i don't always follow them, but i like to read them. with fashion, when i'm not altogether ignoring them (98% of the time), i resent guidelines.

if your clothing came with instructions for use (how to wear them), you would _____.


a. said...

....find it really obnoxious and put the item back on the rack?

i think. and i say this as a fashion magazine/fashion advice book lover. but, i do find do and don't lists totally irritating and useless. i'm more about suggestions or possibilities, rather than rules or even guidelines.

the one thing that comes to mind are those 3-in-1 (4-in-1? 10-in-1?) dress-type things that show all these ways of using the particular piece of fabric... that always seem so contrived to me. (does anyone ever wear the dresses in all the ways they show? i would imagine they look like fashion victims.)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, it could be cute if I were done tongue in cheek with the right brand - like a tag thing - "Put arms through sleeves, pull over, snuggle".

I totally read shampoo bottles too. ;)

Carlene said...

Laugh, because I'd assume it was a joke.

I do like the tongue in cheek thing, though: "place left arm in left sleeve, right arm in right sleeve, fasten closures and go about your day."

Alexandra said...

I would hope it's funny.
I really don't think anyone needs instructions on how to wear their clothes- it does remind me of my high-school uniform though. That definitely came with instructions regarding lengths, and tucking in,and the appropriate style of collar etc etc. And that is frightening!

Shar said...

be frightened that an item of clothing was so complicated it needed instructions. And then back away very carefully just in case....

Anonymous said...

another shampoo bottle reader here.
saying that, doesn't mean i follow instructions.
I often wash the "dry clean only" items. I rather risk it than taking it to the cleaner.
very rebellious.

uniform lady.

Candid Cool said...

i think i read the bottles too.
i like genx's suggestion as a cute funny way.
but sometimes instructions or options aren't so bad, for example with this

martha said...

be really really annoyed. No, no, I know, I would cut out all the tags... But I think really I would be offended at the very insertion and would feel betrayed by the pieces and the company that produced them and wouldn't be able to buy them in the first place.