1. a strapless dress
an e-tailer versus an e-tailer

which of the above presentations is more appealing for this particular item?

2. a trench coat
the designer versus a retailer versus an editorial layout (this one is produced by an e-tailer)

which of the above presentations is the most appealing for this particular item?


Shar said...

I find the second picture more appealing for the dress and the last picture more appealing for the jacket. With the dress, I just don't like the sweater over it at all. I feel like it really covers the beauty of the dress. For the jacket, that last picture makes it seem much more accessible to the 'average' woman, I would order it right now from that picture.

La Belette Rouge said...

Strapless dress: the human worn version.
Trench: the very last one, the human in a real context.
I think, I always prefer looking at clothes on a human than on a hanger or a mannequin.

Candid Cool said...

the dress: the mannequin
the trench: the editorial.

Iheartfashion said...

In general, I'd rather see clothes on a real person, but sometimes styling or the particular model can be off-putting and will influence my decision to buy (or not). I'm more likely to purchase from Net-a-Porter (even though all their clothes are shown on mannequins) than Shopbop, whose models and styling I'm not crazy about.

this one guy said...

the mannequin's dark sweater contrasts more harmoniously (harmonious contrast?hmmm...)with the dress than the dark leggings, which throw off the proportion. imo. the designer's colors are matched nicely, while the others- not so much, particularly the dark tone of the dreary office.

In Yr Fshn said...

First one: real person
Second: editorial

The real people offer a better idea of the real-life look, even if they are an impossible size!

landis smithers said...

the styling on the mannequin is more appealing for the dress, which seems to hold its own in either situation.

the coat in the editorial spread by far. . . that is marketing working the aspirational button, for sure.

(the aspirational button is located just below your belly button, on your left hip.)

ambika said...

I prefer the mannequins for both which I worried said something about me; but then I realized I really hate the tights with the dress and feel like I can't really see the coat in the editorial shot.

And runway shots are never appealing because it's so far removed from my world--I can't imagine wearing or owning something that's going down a runway.

Anonymous said...

i must live in my imaginary world. i love runway shots and catalog shots with models in them. purchasing an item also reflects purchasing a bit of my dream.

uniform lady

GenX Theorist said...

I'm a total runway gal myself. For some reason the runway look informs me more about how I would use the piece - I get to see a 360 degree vision of it.

martha said...

I agree with one guy, that the sweater is a better combo than the tights with that first dress.

For the second, no question about it, that bottom picture sells me on it, and yet it is the picture that shows the least of the jacket. Am I a sucker?

Vildy said...

strapless dress with sweater because I like glam and casual and I don't like strapless with tights because it reminds me somehow of bald on top guy with very long back hair.

I like both pictures of the coat better than the editorial picture. Partly because the first picture I didn't recognize right off as a runway and looked more like a shopping mall or office lobby :) and I can relate to that. The editorial picture, besides not seeing the coat well - she looked petulant and indolent to me and I felt, well, far older than that. I don't want clothes for sulking any more than I want the clothes that are sometimes shown on prostrate models. I keep thinking it is supposed to convey something to me but I can't think what the heck it is.