Either or

you only have 2 choices, so pick one (and nope, no wiggle room):

1. either you could wear clothing that made you look in shape, or clothing that made you feel happy.

2. either you could wear clothing that looks expensive, or clothing that is top quality.

3. either you could wear clothing that keeps your body temperature constant (never freezing, never sweating), or clothing that keeps you awake/alert.

4. either you could wear clothing that makes you smarter, or clothing that makes you look great.

5. either you could wear clothing that always garners you compliments, or clothing that makes others be super nice to you.


landis smithers said...

um. i pick C.

clothing that makes you look thin, stay awake, get compliments, avoid stumbling, win the lottery, become internationally known, and be known to rock the microphone.

jakjak said...

1 - happy clothing
2 - top quality clothing
3 - awake/alert clothing (someone seriously has to invent that!)
4 - make me smarter, then I could figure out how to look good
5 - I think I'll take the compliments

Anonymous said...

1. feel happy
2. top quality
3. constant temperature
4. ...look great (as long as they don't make me any dumber!)
5. super nice to me (as long as it wasn't with pity!)

(love this blog)

Candid Cool said...

1. feel happy. Im not exactly “in shape” but im not “out of shape” either.
2. Top quality. I think quality can be found at all price points, and sometimes there are things so heinous looking that they would have to be really expensive.
3. Constant temperature. If I’m too cold/hot I get sleepy.
4. Look great.
5. Compliments.

a. said...

love this either/or!

1) happy. i also am not so in shape but not so out of shape either. and i were happy, i probably wouldn't care. :-)
2) top quality. i don't like the way "expensive" looks, personally.
3) hmm... even though i hate sweating, i love the idea of clothing that keeps me awake.
4) look great. at the risk of sounding obnoxious, i am satisfied with how smart i am. but i would love to look better!
5) ooh, i will also take the compliments.

martha said...

1. Since it's only "look" in shape, I would take "feel happy."

2. Clothing that is top quality.

3. Body temperature constant (even though I realize that this might make me extra comfy/snoozy.

4. Smarter (then I'd get Bill Gates' job and be able to buy whatever I thought made me look great.

5. Make others be super nice to me (and ita, not out of pity. LOL

Iheartfashion said...

Where can I buy these clothes?

I'd take the wardrobe that made me feel happy, was top quality, kept me awake and alert, and made me look great (I'm smart enough! :)
And I'll take the compliments over being super-nice (that creeps me out; I'm from New England).

Gervy said...

Same as Candid Cool. Finally, an easy either/or... are you slipping? Usually we umm and ahh for hours, wrack our brains, sweat, cry, etc over these!

TravelGretta said...

1. The illusion of looking in shape MAKES me feel happy. It's a win-win.

2. top quality - it usually looks expensive. Also a win-win!

3. Sorry, I fell asleep. What was this one?

4. Meh - I'm smart enough;)

5. Always compliments. Flattery will get people everywhere.

editor said...

1. happy
2. top quality
3. constant body temperature
4. i honestly can't decide on this one.
5. it's the recluse in me that would choose "clothing that makes others be super nice to you" because people can be nice while still not actually talking to you, but compliments = a lot of interaction.