Full coverage

while temperatures drop here, covering up all exposed skin is a daily goal. when the weather goes neutral again in a few months, and stops posing serious health risks (briefly, before going in the other direction), where will concealment fall on your list of priorities? do you eliminate evidence of underwear? tug at revealing necklines (or avoid them altogether)? shun certain hems and such? is "sheer" in your vocabulary, or your closet?


Anonymous said...

concealment is important at work and family events, absoultely and without a doubt.

i am a professional and work in a professional environment. i feel that revealing clothing here - and at work in general, except, say if you are a stripper - is paramount.

i'm a modest person, who unfortunately is pleasantly endowed and as such, make an extra effort.

i actually prefer colder seasons for these reasons! ;-)



Solitude said...

Concealment is important at work, of course. I'm not too keen on showing off my thighs in any situation. Cleavage is theoretically fine, but I rarely show that off even in my off time because I hate having guys say things to me in the street. I find it sad that I have to think about that, but I do.

Candid Cool said...

im always covered up regardless, so i prefer it when it gets cooler out. im beginning to realize i HATE the summer.

Alexandra said...

I'm young and work in a professional environment, so I try to cover up so as not to look too young/ immature/ irresponsible/ inappropriate/ unprofessional etc.
Outside of work, I have quite a number of shirts that show cleavage and I wear them regularly. I hate showing my legs though so that never happens. And I definitely do not wear anything sheer.

landis said...

since losing nearly sixty pounds two years ago, i have tried to find the delicate balance between "hey look at my new improved chassis" and "i'm a professional".

i've found the best balance is an american apparel deep v tee shirt and skinny jeans. or an occasional thigh high boot and corset. you know, like britney at the vmas, only not fat.

(i know, i know, she has a healthy body. and jennifer love hewitt is a size 2)

editor said...

wow, this was an interesting topic.
landis... 60 pounds? how long did it take? how long had you carried the extra 60 for?
i've done that too, gained 60, lost 60.

sabina, solitude, and any other busty readers ;) i've never had to worry about attracting any attention with my chest, but i definitely do avoid clothing that is body-conscious, because i just don't want to be, i guess. body-conscious, i mean. comfortable, for me, means zero self-consciousness, and fortunately i have a relatively high threshold, so when i do have, say, a giant tulle bow that nearly blocks my vision, i usually forget that it's on and wonder what people are staring at. but i could never be comfortable in anything that revealed or presented my body. nope. that undesirable attention thing is too great a deterrent, and while i'm sure they would prefer something bigger to look at, i find that certain people are going to look and comment even if you barely fill an A cup. sad.

candid cool - i always hated summer until last summer, when all of a sudden i had pieces that i liked. it's still my least favorite weather, but sartorially-speaking, i no longer hate it.

i tend to very much be attracted to shapeless pieces, like my tent dresses. actually, that's not shapeless, it's a triangle. :)
i would rather something interesting with texture and color and heft, than something that specifically flatters the body. my mother refers to some of my dresses as maternity-wear, but i have never understood why looking pregnant is the worst thing ever. why people avoid shapes that make them look as if they were. i am not pregnant, i know i'm not, but what do i care if someone who doesn't understand my dress thinks i am.

Iheartfashion said...

I like a balance between revealing and covering. If I'm going to wear a short skirt, I definitely won't be showing cleavage at the same time. And I try not to wear anything that would embarrass my children. I don't want to see belly buttons anywhere other than the beach, or a visible thong anywhere!

Vildy said...

I've been definitely liking looser clothing now but at the same time I like defining the midriff otherwise I risk looking stocky.

I've gotten rid of all pencil/straight skirts, even though they look good on me. I don't want the confinement, the restricted mobility. In my own eyes, they are too victim-y.

I'm experimenting with a longer, fuller skirt, as being more graceful.

No cleavage, no keyhole necklines. A few inches of thigh in summer if the outfit is otherwise feminine.

Hey, I don't even like peeptoes. :)