The reviews are in

i gave my first product review on a shopping site just now. i do read user reviews occasionally to gauge the likelihood of my satisfaction with a product. if 3 out of 4 reviewers say a beauty product smells funky, was underwhelming, was damaging in any way, it will definitely give me pause. so i thought i would leave a review (it was positive) to assist the next person who might consider that particular product. while just about any crackpot can post a review, i suppose i do consider them with slightly less suspicion than i would an editorial endorsement. i have, in the past, found that my experience does not always match those reflected in reviews, yet they do still occasionally weigh in as factors in my purchase.

would you be interested in reading reviews of clothing?
could they sway you one way or the other?
what sort of observations would you be interested in?


Carlene said...

I actually do visit a couple forums where people post their "reviews" of clothing, as far as fit (does it run small, large, true to size) and quality. The only way it sways me is if someone posts that their garment self-destructed after one washing or a couple wearings.

Carlene said...

p.s. I love today's photo SO much.

Candid Cool said...

about sizing. buying pants online is so frustrating esp. when there are shipping charges involved.

Alexandra said...

Probably not. It is way too personal, although maybe comments about the quality of the garment and how it stood up to wear and tear could be useful.

The Fashionable Kiffen said...

I love it when sites have reviews, regardless of what they are for, so I would definitely like to see reviews for clothing.

I do tend to take reviews with a grain of salt, especially if they are overwhelmingly positive or negative. However, once you get 5+ or so reviews for the same product, it tends to be easier to figure out whether or not that particular item is worth it (you can see the trend).

Anonymous said...

size and comfort(for shoes).

I left a review recently about a pair of shoes. Stated how well made and how comfortable they are.

two days later i was walking the mall and i got blisters :P (you know the rest of the story).

a. said...

i do read clothing reviews (where they exist currently; only one site, target, comes to mind right now). i do also take them with a grain of salt... but then that's the same for all reviews i read online (music... books... shoes...)

Vildy said...

I definitely read customer reviews of clothing now. I'm only interested in 3 things: true-to-size?, color, what can they tell me about the fabric.

For example, if several reviewers mention a light beige dress was much darker than they expected, I ordered that dress because the one thing that stopped me was the too-light color. It looked like a natural linen and some thought it more like khaki. I would have liked khaki but it was camel and that was equally fine.

I like to know about the thickness/thinness of a fabric, too. I ordered the same sweaterdress in 2 colors. From the reviews - that I only found afterward - I knew to return it and order up a size and that though the orchid was fine the cream was going to need a slip. I didn't order a very pretty platinum gray satin dress because someone commented that it was so thin it was like a Halloween costume! So when I look at it I think, oohhh, so pretty but also Halloween costume. :)

GenX Theorist said...

Hi Editor -

I would love to do reviews of clothing with you since we share so much aesthetically.

When I think about some of the big purchases I've made in the last few years, and what works and what doesn't, I realize there are things I "wish I'd known" that might come out in a review. One dress, I love, but the linen material wrinkles up in minutes, for example.

Further, we could analyze the longevity of pieces and process the question "am I getting sucked into a trend here? Am I off my sartorial style?"

Like, right now, of course, I'm all hyped on those crazy floral prints for spring. Stella McCartney and Dries. But, will it last?