quite often when i flip through a magazine, i have a particular focus/fetish that i am concentrating on, and i look for any and all relevant images/material on that subject (hats, socks, false lashes, hair, etc.), glossing over the rest.

if magazines focussed exclusively, and extensively, on one topic per issue, how many issues would you prescribe they devote to such topics before they repeat again? (how many topics would you want to receive that much coverage on?)


fashionaddict said...

Hmmm, maybe if they focussed on one designer per issue. I don't think I could do a repeat of any one designer or topic though - when I read magazines I look forward to something new every month, which it why it drives me mad to see the same model/actress on the cover repeatedly.

martha said...

Like an issue only on shoes, one on hats, another on jackets, etc?
Hmmmm, I think I would probably enjoy that (as long as there were also other magazines doing the standard issue that I could look at for variety), but I bet I would go over a year - more than 12 issues on 12 different topics - before I would start the cycle over again.

landis smithers said...

wait. isn't this just what porn magazines do?

it's one topic, seems to keep people pretty involved.

(did you know the porn industry in america made more money than the entire world's movie industry combined last year? how's that for random.)

B.S.A.G. said...

I'd love to see a magazine do this in a really in-depth, creative way - showing a wide variety of fashions from all over the world that share a common theme. It could be a decorative element like beadwork, a construction technique like knitting, a type of fabric/fiber in all its incarnations, maybe even a particular color. Ideally it would feature a mix of big-name designer labels, independent artisans, street fashion and everything in between.

A publication like that would inspire readers to pay attention to clothing (whether shopping for it, making it themselves or putting together what they already have) in ways they never had before. It could go a few years without ever covering the same subject twice, and I'd be willing to pay a premium for it.

Of course, such a magazine will never exist, because the point of fashion magazines is to tell readers what to buy to support their sponsors, to make money and stay in business. But we can dream.