The same, but different

heaven is a nibble of a macaron from paulette. supreme heaven is a nibble from half a dozen different flavored macarons from paulette. i'm the same with clothing - if it's good in one version, i'd like it in half a dozen more.

how many of your favorite (clothing) items would you like in a different (additional) color?


Anonymous said...

two. two is plenty for me. After I enjoy twice of what i love, i get to move on and find something new to love.

uniform lady

TravelGretta said...

I just like the one. I like variety too much. I also like macaroons. With chocolate chips!

editor said...

hmmm, you might feel differently if you try a macaron (one "o").
(i am on the brink of realizing/accepting that i do not need variety.)

landis smithers said...

oh, i am sadly with you editor.

a james perse tee? perfection, and one in every color please.

margiela pants? perfection, some "interpreted" by a hong kong tailor in every color wool please.

lanvin tennis shoes?

need you even ask?

Vildy said...

My mother grew up in a small village where she had her clothes made by a dressmaker. She would have the same style dress made a few times over and taught me to shop that way. It stuck. Partly because I believe that the designer tends to use a palette where if you can wear one color, you can wear the others and I shop mostly by color.

I recently came across a good explanation of the difference between basics and classics. A classic can be a recognizable style that can also be costumy - a piece like a safari jacket that is usually in style but can't be made into anything but what it is. Whereas a basic is plain enough that the look can be changed. The idea was that to successfully mix and match the pieces in the wardrobe should be basics and yet different from each other - not all straight skirts, for example, only in different colors. I'm just as happy, happier, to have the same thing that I like over and over.

GenX Theorist said...

Yup, me too - in fact the more I develop my sartorial style, the more I crave variations on a theme instead of new trends. Subtle shifts in color or shape just to move with the seasons.


Candid Cool said...

These ballet flats are the only ballet flats I wear. I have them in the red suede, olive, and navy, I would have liked them in black leather and leopard print but they sold out before I could get my hands on them.
I love me a pump (closed toe or peep toe). I have the same peep toe pump in 2 different colors.
And do shades of black in blazers/tuxedos count?