just a quick follow-up to a previous post.
last night i came across a line of lipsticks (15 colors) called PlantLove™, from the cosmetic company CARGO, with the following package details:
"This lipstick case is made out of corn and is biodegradable. The box is made out of corn and is biodegradable. This box is embedded with wildflower seeds; moisten and plant. $2 from the sale of this lipstick goes to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital™."

it's just a matter of time before you can have a cardigan garden.


landis smithers said...

yeah, here's my concern.

you smell like corn.

you look like you have corn on your face.

and your "garden" looks like cardboard and corn flowers.

editor said...

i'll have to get back to you about the smell and look of it. ;)

a. said...

i've used biodegradable spoons made out of corn (to eat ice cream) and they didn't smell/taste corn-like, as far as i could tell... but, what if your cardigan gets wet in the rain? does it start getting mushy? (and does it start growing flowers?)

this did get me thinking - natural fibers (cotton, wool etc) have got to be repurposable in a similar fashion. i mean at the least they're biodegradable... i wonder if they could be used for mulch or fertilizer or something.