Villain, victim or hero

any audience who has been indoctrinated into cinema and its cliches can intuit who to root for from the get-go, once all the choices have presented themselves, in their wardrobe - though it isn't the wardrobe that is the giveaway. a cape can work for good (superheros) or eeeeeevILL (dracula). it is usually the costumes in relation to one another that offer the tipoff. if someone is handsome, they are heroic, unless they are too perfect (in contrast to a more accessible and human choice), and then they are suspect.

within each category, the stereotypes that fill our modern myths and movies allow for a range of extremes: the villain might be edgy and dark or deceptively packaged in saccharin sweetness; the hero, a plain everyman or tailored and competent; and the victim can range from powerfully appealing to helpless and weak.

if you had to pick one ideal, which would it be, (and best portrayed by whom)?
in reality, which is your style role?


jakjak said...

I'd have Helen Mirren as the hero,
Mickey Rourke as the villain and Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan as the victims. The reasons for my choices would actually be apparant before wardrobe got involved.

fashionaddict said...

My hero would be Anna Parrilaud as Nikita in "La Femme Nikita" - edgy and dark and sort of unbalanced but extremely efficient and competent. That, or some reason, I was struck by Keanu Reeves in "Constantine" - lots of dark sweeping trenches, crisp shirts, and dry humour.

In reality, I'm sort of a more casual version of the above two combined. Less makeup, with Converses.

Sort of amusing how easy it was to answer that.

Solitude said...

My favorite type of hero is the nonconformist/eccentric--I'm thinking Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame, maybe Winona Ryder in Heathers or Thora Birch in Ghostworld.

I would love to have the massive wardrobes of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless or Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All--I actually have dreams about having an endless closet of clothes for frequent costume changes. So I guess the "hero" look that works for me is eccentric variety.

In reality, I'm a very classic dresser, with occasional eccentric touches.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo Deneuve. Thank you for that.
Watching re-runs, I think it's funny that Jack Lord was the hero in Hawaii 5-0. I get a villain vibe from him.

I think my personal favorite role is that of the heroine, and I don't mind when she's polished or scruffy - though when she's scruffy, "they" always feel the need to morph her from a duckling to a swan, so I usually get to enjoy both looks in one story. Rosalind Russell is pretty great in "His Girl Friday," but then I also like the skintight work of Carrie-Anne Moss in the original "The Matrix." I liked watching Katherine Hepburn "save" Cary Grant in "Bringing up Baby."

I think my style most closely resembles Trinity when she's irl, and outside of the Matrix. Oh dear.

Candid Cool said...

Ifthis delightful monstrosity doesn’t give me away…

and they always seem to driving those slick black cars too…

Denzel & Lymari in American Gangster, Penelope Cruz in Blow, Hatsumomo, Bonnie, Angelina Jolie as Lisa and Olympias (the only good thing about that movie was her costumes), Johnny Depp as Agent Sands, and all the Darths/Siths.

Candid Cool said...

and Michelle NOT Halle.

editor said...

candid cool, i love it! i have not mastered polyvore yet. and bad penelope is goo-oood indeed.

fashionaddict, la femme nikita - great choice.

solitude - do you like your balance, or would you rather increase the eccentricity?

anonymous - i can relate to the out-of-matrix trinity look too.

landis smithers said...

oh my. ohmyohmyohmy. bliss.

these answers are boy bliss.

look! rosalind russell, angelina jolie and oddly, the matrix all in one section. and the hunger in the post. oh gawd, my head's hurting.

i'd choose the hitchcock heroine as the ideal, all those trim gray suits and perfect blonde hair. (did you ever notice how in "dial m for murder" she wears gray the whole time UNTIL she is exposed, then she only wears red? or that in the birds, hendren only wears green? it's all part of the plan, my friends.)

in reality, it's more meryl from "devil wears prada". i sling my fur on my assistant's desk EVERY day as i walk in.

Solitude said...

candid cool, I love your villain "monstrosity." I forgot about top hats!

editor, I'm pretty happy with the balance, at least for now. I essentially bought an entire new wardrobe in the last few months, and classics were what I gravitated towards. I would someday love to have the kind of life where I could costume myself in anything from a ballgown to a riding habit depending on my mood.