choosing a piece as art, a cinch. picking a favorite, no problem. but if i had to i.d. my least favorite item, an item that i keep and wear, but is at the bottom of the list, i would be stumped.

which is your least favorite item out of the clothing that you like (and that you keep and wear)?


Carlene said...

Wow, what a good question! I just reorganized my closet last night, so it should be easy, right? It's the "and wear" part that's getting me.

Probably my parka. It's a perfectly nice black Obermeyer parka. It has a zip-off hood, and even has a snap-off little cloth in the pocket (to wipe one's goggles). I'm sure it's actually very nice, as parkas go. But dammit, I hate wearing it, because it means it's STILL WINTER.

No, wait, it's not the parka. It's the snow boots. They are blue (hate blue clothing) and huge and keep my feet warm and dry. I hate them so.

I have issues.

Anonymous said...

I have a handful of clothing that I still wear and can't stand. I still wear these pieces because, well, I'm saving for something else and spending money on clothing at this point in time seems a bit frivolous (though I so wish I could indulge my purported frivolity!)



enc said...

My running shoes cut both ways: least favorite and most favorite. I couldn't work out/run without them, and they feel like heaven, but they're giant, and just plain ugly. I wish they looked cooler. None of my cool trainers would do for exercise, because they're designed for street wear.

reverend dick said...

Ha! I actually have a deerstalker cap similar to the one pictured....I love it, but it takes a certain amount of effort to wear.

martha said...

Impossible to answer. It makes my head hurt thinking about it. Out of the clothing that I DO like, which do I like least? I will spend some time thinking about this.

landis smithers said...

much like my mother said about my sister and me (liar)
"i love all my children equally"