Second skin

as i was walking down the street the other day, i passed a woman as she was getting out of her car. she stood on the sidewalk and the waist of her pants had to be hiked up, her top tugged down, and the legs of her pants adjusted to be properly retucked into her boots. she did this all quickly and naturally, and i imagine this was because she did it numerous times that day, whenever she transitioned from a sitting to a standing position.
a key factor in whether clothing goes home with me from the store, and then also determines if it makes it out of my closet once it gets into it (should it accidentally get past that first step with fit problems undetected), is whether or not i can wear it naturally, which for me means no fidgeting. i think this likely rules out many things which might look nice, and might, by association, make me look nice. it's a price i'm willing to pay.

do your outfits require adjustments?


martha said...

For special occasions, I've been known to compromise, but in general, no, it's a deal-breaker. It isn't usually an issue though because I don't seem to be attracted to things that do require adjustments.

TravelGretta said...

Really? No fidgeting allowed, at all? All the flattering low-rise jeans practically demand it. How about just a little fidgeting?

I even have to adjust my sweatpants every once in a while, you know, while flipping over on the couch.

I'm okay with some minor adjusting, when sitting down, or rising from the seat. But not constant tugging or pulling.

Candid Cool said...

occassionally, but nothing majorly annoying I got rid of those riding up too tight t-shirts long long long ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm with travelgretta. I do adjust simple things, like sweats, underwear (I think I will submit this as "anonymous"). But no, I guess it's true that I am not going to wear a top with spaghetti straps if they don't stay up, etc. And I am proud to say that I never have to hike up my pants. Man, we've gotten far far far away from any interest in appearance - I guess I knew that when 5 out of 7 women started wearing g-strings that were visible over their pants' waist.

Stacy said...

I'm buying what Martha is selling.

I'm not a big fan of the adjusting.

If the outfit is spectacular I'll make an exception.