pick at least one item (on each) you would swap between these two outfits.


martha said...

This is really really hard.
I guess I could swap the top halves. Swapping the hair/heads (sorry to sound creepy) would make the woman on the right look fantastic. But the woman on the left might look too blade runner with severe hair.

Sisty said...

I think the vests could be interchanged, easily. The furry white vest would make more sense with the tweedy pants anyway, I think (though it's not too imaginative a pairing, I guess).

Carlene said...

I first thought the vests, but I think I'll swap the lower halves...I don't think model-on-the-left's hair and that feathery vest would make a very happy couple.

landis smithers said...

i got a good one here.

like everyone else, i was struggling. there's a LOT going on on each outfit that seems only relevant to the outfits themselves.

so i? i would swap the RUNWAYS.

because then,they would fit their environments!