a lot of talk whirling around about resolutions this time of year. or maybe by now, at the beginning of week 2, people are happily resuming familiar patterns.
there are other changes that occur in us at less scripted times, sometimes without us even noticing, or not right away perhaps. the changes influence what we want, and even why we want.

have you ever wanted to replace something perfectly good, something you once loved, with something you now perceive as...better?

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landis smithers said...

oh hell yeah.

it's the unfortunate "mental picture" phenomenon. i suddenly "see" myself in that new coat, in that new apartment, in that new car, and it's a more powerful/more handsome/more mature version of current me.

mind you, this always happens when i feel either a) fat, b) unfulfilled at work, or c) bored.

bored is a big driver of the "upgrade". i am trying to learn that the upgrade, however should be a reward for a) accomplishment of a major goal, b) wearing though the perfectly good version i already own, or c) a gift from someone, therefore not motivated by myself.

editor said...

ack ^ you're touching on some of tomorrow's post.
i can relate to EVERYTHING you wrote (spooky). i absolutely agree with your upgrade protocol, and recognize that i've been utilizing a nearly identical 3-step program for ... too long now, with a few convenient tweaks:
a. i usually work in reverse of this so that when i find something i want, i then pick some sort of goal for myself and quickly accomplishment it to get to the getting part.
b. i also have a very subjective measure for when something has been worn sufficiently to render it retired. it is largely defined by my finding something i am eager to replace it with.
c. i give good gift. ;)

dreamecho said...

i've been away from the blogosphere for awhile, but i'll be catching up slowly.

in the meantime, i've given you the thinking blogger award... see my blog for details!

editor said...

^^i honestly thought my monday couldn't get any better (details in tomorrow's post), but you just put it over the edge!
i'm proud to add your link to my 'review' list - and anyone who visits your blog on a regular basis will be in for a total treat (especially now that you're back - promise, right?). you're one of the reasons my "small wardrobe" blog is faltering, and i am considering a new direction for it. more attention to be paid to an overhaul of that later this week hopefully.
thank you thank you thank you dreamecho!

dreamecho said...

yay! who ever said mondays sucked? =p i am pumped up for tomorrow's post!!!! thank you for adding me to your list. (my blog name is just "dreamecho", though. i had to come up with a more creative address, as "dreamecho.blogspot.com" was taken long, long ago!) i am trying to get back to regular posting, but the verbal part of my brain is a bit rusty. never fear, though; i have tons of material i want to write on. just give me time to get back into the swing of things!

it's funny my blog is influencing yours -- because yours has influenced mine! aside from what i already said about you in my thinking bloggers award post, the philosophy behind 34 pieces has kept me in check with how i make purchases. it's also got me building up to a much-needed wardrobe detoxification. so thank YOU!

TravelGretta said...

Do boyfriends count?

Candid Cool said...

i think im always upgrading. i could buy the same stuff over and over again.

fashionaddict said...

If this is about shopping, then I'm more of the "living in the past" type, because I'm always mourning my favourite items that have been worn to shreds. So when I find something that might adequately replace it, it feels more like relief than an upgrade. And I tend towards buying slightly different versions of things I already own.

I try, however, not to let my lack of ambition and sense of experimentation in fashion carry over to other aspects of my life.

jakjak said...

Handbags, always handbags. Every single handbag I have ever bought has (at the time) been THE ONE. It will change my look, my life, i'll be more organized, i'll command more respect and then I realize I got it wrong. This handbag is not the one, THAT handbag is.