in addition to people who serve as consistent inspiration, i go through crushes - temporary interest in a particular celebrity or model. people who inspire me do so through their originality or strength. i am never interested in borrowing from them, but i get a certain charge from their style, like electricity that jumps to me and enlivens my own imagination. with crushes, on the other hand, i find that i tend to get lured to the things near them, and that their use/ownership/endorsement of those items puts some of the individual's appeal on to the items themselves, and i confuse the beautiful person's interest in those items for my own. maybe i pay a little more attention than i would if someone else (who i didn't have a crush on) were posing with, carrying, holding, wearing the same thing.

is there anyone (celeb, model, etc.) who has that power over you, to turn you into a ... sucker?


Iheartfashion said...

It's not constant, but I'm a sucker for Ines de la Fressange, Carine Roitfeld (I almost bought an Alaia skirt I'd seen her in, but thankfully resisted!), and Giovanna Battaglia, among others.

Anonymous said...

I'm not proud of it, but I absolutely pay extra attention to certain people/celebrities. Yes. And I definitely pause and usually consider what they're wearing/carrying for myself.

Prêt-à-Porter P said...

i notice im influenced by the handbags I see not necc. on celebrities/fashion editors but on fabulous or chic people that I encounter. But I actually prefer seeing it on people I encounter because I really get to see the bags up close.

I view it as a catalog, instead of just seeing the item on a blank white background, on an actual person, it's easier to envision what/where/how/when it can be worn.

enc said...

In the '80s and '90s, when I discovered the Supermodels, I paid attention to their careers, but not their style. I'm scanning my mind, trying to think of whose style influences me now, and I can't really—nobody modern, anyway. For one thing, so many stars/celebs have stylists who tell them what to wear off-camera that I think maybe we should develop stylist crushes. I'd rather develop an interest in a model who is not concerned with what image she has off-camera, and who throws pieces together in a way that pleases her. I'll be the first to introduce cliché and say that even now, decades later, I'm influenced by the off-screen styles of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. But even as I write that, I wonder if they, too, had off-screen stylists.

landis smithers said...

oh lord yes.

for awhile it was gwyneth. that icy blonde thing with the big glasses always kills me. and the camel/gray/timelessness of the style definitely influences how to combine stuff.

and then there's the other end of the spectrum, where i would stalk JLO. no kidding. seriously, she was, for awhile, a modern day liz taylor with the chinchilla and the pink diamonds (we had pink champagne one new year's to celebrate her engagement. i was OBSESSED. seriously, a bentley as a birthday present?)

there is a struggle in my celebrity watching between the insanely chic celebrity (take a selma blair) and the insanely over the top (cate blanchett, though i get a giddy kick because she always pulls it off).

there are few if any male celebrities with any style worth making note of. perhaps it's that male "style" is trying to attain a certain LACK of notoriety rather than notice.

and then, as i've met more stylists, i realize that almost NO celebrities are actually doing it themselves, so the new goal is to get jeannie yang to do my whole wardrobe.


jeannie yang. the woman who took the creek out of katie and made her (even if SHE can't pull it off all the time. most of the time.) the woman with the best wardrobe in hollywood.