Comfort zone

on catwalks and in editorials, fashion is often shown without real life factors like bras. if the magazine is french or italian or german or spanish, sometimes it is shown without the clothing altogether. it always bores me, frankly, when i am flipping through a fashion spread and i see a chest instead of a top. i appreciate the whole fantasy of fashion thing, but i feel a little cheated when the fashion is missing.

thoughts? how do you feel about nudity in fashion?


enc said...

To me, fashion and nudity are mutually exclusive.

Where's the fashion if no one is wearing anything?

Isn't clothing supposed to cover us up?

But then again, isn't fashion supposed to "reveal" who we are, by stating our personality through clothes? Or exposing some part of our bodies? Or stating our opinion about having to cover up by not covering up? Or a combination thereof?

lookwhaticando said...

I think that revealing some skin and making it really count is far more successful than having it all hang out. Women that let it all hang out leave very little to the imagination. While women that show some skin and really make an impact doing it are far more sexy. You, of course, have to pay high attention to form. A garment should really fit your body and show it off in the best possible way. Paying attention to our bodies proportions is essential to looking great in our clothing. :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I kind of hate it when magazines show bare breasts, etc. I'm not buying them for arty photography. I'm fine with great and creative shoots, but I do expect them to use clothing in all of them. Moss in particular is extremely comfortable with her body, and I think that's great for her, but I would never pay money to see it. I am in it strictly for the clothes, so yes, I do get very annoyed when they forget to wear them.

Iheartfashion said...

I don't mind nudity in fashion photography. In a magazine like V or W, I expect more "art" photography that doesn't necessarily highlight the clothes. That said, I'm not interested when it seems just prurient or borderline-pornographic, purely for shock value. But if I just wanted to see straightforward clothing, I'd buy Lucky.

Carlene said...

The only place it bothers me is on the runway. It's confusing to me. Is that the designer's vision of how the garment should be worn? Is it to get more press? To shock us? (please).

Even though I don't buy runway clothing, I always think, do they expect people on the street to wear it like that? And also, please don't let people on the street wear it like that!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carlene. Actually, I feel very bad for the models when they have to walk along being exposed. It doesn't give the designer any credit, and it exploits their young bodies, as if they are part of the package.
In magazines, well, I'm a little embarrassed if I'm looking at one in public and I turn the page to a bare breast. So I don't care for that much. Gauzy clothing is one thing, but fashion photography of unbuttoned blouses is unsatisfying for me.

TravelGretta said...

I just don't like it when it's distracting, and takes away from the outfit itself.
If I wanted to just wear boobs to the cocktail party, I'd wear boobs to the cocktail party. But I really wanted to wear a dress.

landis smithers said...

now, honestly, everyone, who believes that t-gret DOESN"T wear her boobs to every coctail party she attends?

and i for one, LOVE nudity. bring it ON! i say more nudity in everyday life. breasts, butts, let's all just leave one major item of clothing at home tomorrow. anyone in with me?