In place

anytime i have a pocket and a tissue, the tissue goes into the pocket on my left. it is always the left pocket that gets the tissue.
is it just me?

do you have any style or clothing neuroses?


Anonymous said...

When putting on or taking off shoes, my left foot always gets the shoe / shoe taken off first.

Always and without fail.



Anonymous said...

I always unbutton from top to bottom.

Stacy said...

I used to be a very habitual person until I read somewhere that if you want change you can't keep doing the same thing over and over again.

So no more tissues in my RIGHT pocket anymore.

enc said...

Bag always goes over left shoulder. If I have loose change or bills not in my wallet, they go into the left pocket of my jeans.

Everyone has neuroses, whether or not they will admit it.

a. said...

they're not necessarily neuroses - my bag always goes on my right shoulder because my right leg is longer than my left, hence, my right shoulder is slightly higher than my left... which means that if i put my bag on my left shoulder it tends to slide off.

and my keys (and most things that i need to reach) always go in my left pocket because i'm left-handed.