dries van noten.
his label is self-financed, and it shows. his independence and genius direct every piece.

i cannot think of another living designer who i would like to thank for his or her work. i would like to thank him.

his designs are art, and my attraction to them is stronger than it is for any other label.

the pictures are in no particular order, from the past 8 years (16 collections). some of my favorites.


Amanda said...

The man knows his stuff...must be why he's not working for another house.

Iheartfashion said...

A whole closet full of Dries would be fine with me.

Carlene said...

What iheartfashion said.

I'd even be happy with just one of those multi-print floral dresses. Just one.

editor said...

that's what i thought too. but i don't believe that would curtail the want one bit, actually.

martha said...

What's not to love. Perfection in every single picture.

Romany said...

I've never been a huge DVN fan, but your picks have changed my mind.
As far as fashion-as-art goes, though, I'm a Dior girl. :)
That picture of him, with the flowers in the background and people's heads blocking the rest is amazing. Soo artistic.
Nice work. :)

enc said...

There's a lot to love there.

Anonymous said...

You know I'm right there with you in the Dries Fan Club girl! :)

It's starting to be, for me, that the true test of my love for pieces/designers etc., is if I can look back at a past season and still want to wear it today. And every single one of these pieces - I'd wear today.

Pure genius that transcends time and trend.

Anonymous said...

And now I want to throw out everything I own and wear this stuff - if I could go back in time, I would definitely buy all this stuff.