just finished viewing a free copy of LagerfeldConfidential, the documentary about chanel's designer. in contrast to the non-opinion i had formed of him based on minimal exposure through phtoographs, he's a mildly entertaining subject when animated. on the other hand, the marchesa luisa casati is quite captivating in a still image. on the marchesa casati web site there is a gallery of pictures, including a photograph by adolf de meyer and a painting by kees van dongen, that clearly celebrate casati's complicated beauty. both are different but beautiful images of her. no question about it, i am a big fan of the direct and unconcealed presentation of her face in the de meyer photograph. she's 31 in the picture, and looks utterly powerful with her shadowy face. i covet dark circles when they are framing such a direct stare.

pic by simon wass ("the marchesa luisa casati") from, so keepers of the casati archives should go sue them if this is one of their heavily protected images


Jillian said...

I've yet to see it! i'm jealous! that's neat you got it for free too!

Iheartfashion said...

The Marchesa was amazing. Although i don't accessorize with leopards, she's one of my fashion icons.

enc said...

That image makes her look like a haunted soul. I've never had a chance to read anything about Lagerfeld outside the fashion media. Unlike you, I have formed an opinion about him, and I'm wondering if it's accurate.

Are you a fan of his work for Chanel?

editor said...

you know iheart, it's funny but i have no interest in her curious lifestyle. those 2 images of her that i mentioned and link to, however, those are captivating.

jillian, it was a fun treat. my favorite chanel-related viewing, though, was a documentary about the women who sew the chanel couture. let me see if i can find it on youtube, hang on. yes, here -

enc - i had never thought about it before but now that you ask me to, yes. chanel i feel protective of. maybe it's because it was started by a woman, and is still very alive, and still associated with her and credited to her, so i am more interested in it than dior, givenchy, etc. the men the men the men. chanel was a woman, thinking about fashion and women, and there is an interesting origin to the house that i find...valuable, to me. and i would say that karl seems to get it, seems to create and simultaneously maintain chanel - it feels like his work is about chanel, not about him, first and foremost. at the same time, he has his particular tweaks, but he keeps the same blood running through the collections, and i appreciate that. his work is new, but it's always ultimately chanel. and you?

landis smithers said...


if you WANT dark circles, you simply have to ASK for dark circles.

or stay up late drinking and then wake up terribly hung over.

(sorry. i'm rewatching the incredibles, and i'm simply MAD for edna mode.)

coco said...

I really need to buy the dvd
i'm dying to watch it

enc said...

You said exactly what I feel about Lagerfeld. I like what he's doing for Chanel. I'm a little less interested in his 9million iPods, his horsemeat diet, and his opinions; he can be brutal. Somehow, he knows exactly how to do right by Chanel, and I respect that.