1. name 2 things that you would like for each category:
A. a fake something. (ex. a fake diamond, a fake fur)
B. a real nothing. (this one is harder, ex. a real leather non-designer bag)

2. which would you prefer for one day, fantastic, perfect hair that no one sees, or okay hair that garners compliments?

3. would you rather wear something grand while doing drudgery, or wear something dull for an occasion that is grand? (i've had a number of people tell me recently that i'm "dressed too nice" for this or that occasion. i find sharing that type of opinion highly unnecessary.)


Candid Cool said...

1. a, I don’t like the real/fake logos though. A navy blue mini Kelly bag and A grey croc embossed leather clutch
2. OK hair.
3. The grand drudgery as always.

fashionaddict said...

I never get that kind of comment about being "dressed too nice", though I agree, it is an unnecessary comment, though possibly well meaning (maybe the drudgery would absolutely ruin the nice outfit involved). But to answer your questions:

1a) I can't think of anything, truly, though all my jewellery are fake (courtesy of Topshop and H&M). I've always wanted a cropper fur jacket, but I'd definitely get a fake one too.

1b) Easy, a double strap Cape Cod watch from Hermes. A good watch can't be faked.

2) Perfect hair. I would take a picture though.

3) I'd rather wear something "dull" for a grand occasion, but I put "dull" in inverted commas because I think "dull" can be quite subjective. I love a black sheath of mine and wear it repeatedly to dressier occasions, but most people wouldn't look at it twice. I don't feel dull, and I think that's the important part.

coco said...

I cannot decide, so instead I will just comment on how pretty those tea cups are

Iheartfashion said...

1. I'd like a fake fur chubby.
And a real something from Hermes.
2. OK hair for the day.
3. definitely something grand while doing drudgery; I'd rather be over- than under-dressed!

editor said...

okay, everyone is seeing what they want to see, i think. :)
the first question was a FAKE something (so "fake fur" works, because fur is real, but taking it fake is... fake), and a REAL nothing (so a ... well, "nothing" is highly subjective, i suppose. maybe a real porcelain tea set by a no-name company). hermes doesn't count as "nothing" in my book. ;)

jakjak said...

1a - Fake diamond tiari (in Bulgari style)
1b - A no name fabulous leather jacket
2 - Ok hair, coz even that would be an improvement on what i've got
3 - Grand clothes whilst doing drudgery (it would just make the drudgery feel less so)

martha said...

1. A. I'm always up for fake fur or costume jewelry. B. Hats, for me, never need to be brand names, same with motorcycle boots.

2. Fantastic, perfect hair (I could take a picture and show it to people! And also hopefully recreate it myself. Would love to see what fantastic perfect hair for me is, so that's way to valuable to pass up for a few compliments.)

3. You have my total sympathy about such comments - people can be so foolish (silly enough to have an opinion as to whether or not someone is dressed "appropriately" dull enough, but then to not have the sense to keep it to themselves...).
Definitely grand while doing drudgery.

enc said...

1. a) fake fur; b) real OED

2. I'd rather have fantastic, perfect hair that no one sees.

3. I'd rather wear something grand while doing drudgery.

**People who offer unwelcome and unnecessary opinions such as the ones you cite deserve:
a) a deadpan expression whilst delivering the reply:
b) "thank you for pointing that out."

Anonymous said...

A. fake diamond and fake fur (sorry to steal your ideas).
B. real backpack - nothing fancy, a real old-school backpack, nothing with a label, etc. real cotton underwear. Again, no labels, no brands, just the basics.

fantastic perfect hair please.

grand while doing drudgery, every time. And I pity anyone who doesn't think it's appropriate.