Daily theatrics

besides the clothing that appeals to me, when i look over the runway presentations, i am always attracted to the extremes that are shown. later, and disappointing to me, the magazines dilute the extremes, refer to them as influences, and instruct how to "tone it down" etc. and so cleopatra eyes become green eye-liner used sparingly, or something to that effect.
i would much rather be given the how-to's on recreating an odile gilbert coiffed hair style.
if you had to pick one thing from the runway, one fantasy-level aspect in all its exaggerated glory, to wear/enjoy in real life, what would it be:

(am i forgetting anything?)


Allure said...

I would say volume, which is eventually related with tailoring and patterns.

PS, There was no money left for worst buys ;P

Iheartfashion said...

I often take inspiration from the unusual color pairings shown on the runway. There probably isn't a color that I'd never wear.

editor said...

ah, but iheart, we're not talking about inspiration. i'm asking about taking something that is done in the extreme on the runway, and wearing it that way in real life.

allure, if that's really true, then MAJOR congratulations, and you are my shopping hero of '07!

Carlene said...

The fabric! Not only would I wear it, I'd upholster with it, wrap it around all my furniture, walls, windows, the dog, drape my bed in it and roll around on the floor in it.

coco said...

I think that boot is just stunning!
I think out of that list I would go for colour
I love colour

enc said...

Footwear for me. If only . . . .

Anonymous said...

I am also frustrated that magazines dumb down the drama of the runway. I would love it if people embraced what is perceived as extreme a bit more.
Definitely hair. Or volume. Or proportions. Definitely.

dreamecho said...

well, if it's only one thing, then i would have to go with volume. even if it's on lesser quality material, i think i'd derive great pleasure from having...humangous hips? mutton shaped upper arms? yes!

fashionaddict said...

I couldn't decide between volume and proportions - in the end I decided they had to be somewhat related. But proportion gets my vote - I love exaggerated lapels, extreme coat lengths, I have a weakness for oversized buttons, and I like blown-up prints.

Romany said...

Footwear for sure.
Most women are far too afraid (and I'm far too tall - height isn't all it's cracked up to be, lol) to wear the types of heels presented on the runways.
I'm loving really chunky ankle boots, but they unfortunately have a tendency to sometimes give the 'cankle' affect. But who cares? Anything for shoes, right?
Let go of the fear, I say! :)

Republic of Candy said...

Absolutely volume - maybe the transit authority would hold the subway doors open just a little longer to accommodate my heavily ruffled collar as I rushed in?

a. said...

um... everything?

Prêt-à-Porter P said...

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