while i'm staying away from stores, i am noticing that i am not missing them much. until recently, i had a stash of dozens of magazine pages, torn out and saved in the event that i wanted to seek out a featured shop in my own or some other city. i never pursued a single one of them, and finally tossed the collection. the shops i used to visit, i generally collected by happenstance, independent exploration, aimless wandering. when people tell me i have to check out this or that store, it rarely actually piques my interest.

how did you discover your favorite store(s)?


fashionaddict said...

It usually takes an interesting window display to get me into a shop, or perhaps I got a glimpse of the inside while passing and found either the interior or the merchandise interesting enough to pop in.

I discovered my favourite vintage clothing shop when I was looking for something quite unrelated and I was drawn by the sheer amount of clothing, organised by type (dresses, tops etc) and not in anyway prettified, sanitised and "hip"-ed into coolness the way lots of vintage shops in Singapore tend to be.

I'm quite lazy about shopping spots, I don't venture out of my usual places to seek out a new one, unless I'm told, for instance, that a particular shop is carrying something I want.

K.Line said...

I've lived in the same city for many years and I walk around a lot. Whenever I notice a new place, inevitably I check it out. Having said this, each week I seem to discover a new shop that's been there for 20 years that I've never noticed before. I guess that's what living in a metropolis is all about :-)

When I'm vacationing, I often do a bit of research in advance (not that I always end up in the shops I imagine I will - cuz I never know if I'll hit that 'hood). And I really do think you can't beat walking around aimlessly for finding great new places to browse (or buy!)

Nancy said...

I live in between four small tourist towns, so there aren't a great many places to shop. Some of my favorite stores were discovered through the phone book, or friends, or just venturing around in the off season. In the winter there are few people around, and the shop keepers will often chat about what is in the area and such.

enc said...

Same thing: happenstance. But in my case, it's usually haphazard happenstance. Sometimes milling around. I feel more devoted to and excited about shops I find, because they're like little self-discovered treasures. I'm a bit like you, I think: I don't usually get too thrilled about a shop some magazine instructed me to like.