I spy

we all belong to one fashion tribe or another. despite unique approaches and individual appearances, we can most likely, for the most part, be categorized in some way. is there any other style group you would be curious exploring - not to simply try different/new clothes, but to understand why they make the sartorial choices that they do?

if you could go undercover, which style would you explore?


enc said...

I'd like to explore/go undercover in the "notinarut" group. Also, the "Marnis" intrigue me.

What a great question this is!

-h of candid cool said...

oh its gonna be summer time soon,
the saint tropez set
the 1st in the lookbook, yah, I pretty much want to be her.

K.Line said...

I'd love to go all "Dita von Teese" with the Mouret dresses and the vintage corsets and super high heels. But I don't know how I'd actually get around, what with weather and all.

a. said...

the notinarut group - ha!

is this inspired by those exactitudes pics that susie bubble blogged about? i just flipped through those yesterday and couldn't stop laughing for some reason... i think because they're exposing a truth about our society. ! also, funny, your pics of dolls remind me of those too.

i would definitely want to try out some sort of sexy-for-sexy's-sake style. something i've never fully understood, but also, never really had the confidence to do myself. i suppose one of the saint tropez girls or ms. von teese would work. (i saw her once in a resto. she looked exactly exactly the same as she does in pics/etc. kinda creepy, no?) or the california beach girl look (does that still exist?) something i grew up around but that was never "me". (have i made my nerdy roots obvious?)

editor said...

a. - i'll go check out susie bubble's blog now - that's funny. my inspiration for this post was my husband's book that was on the table, "legacy of ashes, the history of the c.i.a." when i sat down to post. spying, get it. that's why my question was about going undercover to discover why people make the choices that they do, but it seems like many readers opted to pick something they admired rather than were mystified or puzzled by. no one picked trying to understand the look of pants worn hanging well-below underwear level, so low, in fact, that it impedes regular walking movement (this is on guys). i also like your good example, of sexy-for-sexy's sake. though i suppose the motivation there is kind of transparent - i would not be comfortable soliciting the type of attention that such clothing draws.

landis smithers said...

straight male.

seriously. how do they do it? so consistently.

dreamecho said...

i wonder about those who revere and purchase logo bags but don't have very developed style with regards to clothes. on one hand, there's the simple and common enough explanation about status, etc., but i think there's more to it. one of my friends is like this; she loves her guccis and LVs but she does a very cheap and bland version of casual-sexy-trendy in regards to apparel. to be sure, she makes "choices" about what she wears (i.e., clothes are not just functional for her -- which is an acceptable and respectable perspective to me). i know her pretty well beyond simply fashion; i know her values and her social behavior and, heck, even sexual habits...and to be honest, something almost scares me about how who she is is conveyed through how she outfits herself. there are aspects of mindlessness and materialism about it that troubles me beyond the stereotypical justification of simply status. i would really like to get into the mind (or lack thereof...?) of someone like this.