maría eva duarte de perón
- One cannot accomplish anything without fanatacism.
- To convince oneself that one has the right to live decently takes time.
- When the rich think about the poor, they have poor ideas.
- I know that, like every woman of the people, I have more strength than I appear to have.


MR style said...

nice post !! i've always liked woman into politics or that had strong beliefs !! the women's from south america really have somethin !! i'm thinkin of frida khalo too!!

enc said...

I really don't know much about Perón, having avoided most media coverage of/movies about her life, in fear that I'd be spoon-fed a tailor-made version of her life. I think I'd like to read a decent book about her. Can you recommend one?

editor said...

^^hmmm, i've never been big on biographies, but that could, in the right hands (as you point out), be interesting. i did see andrew lloyd webber's musical "evita" as a child, and story aside, that was some very memorable music, and it is based on a hostile biography of her by mary main, "the woman with the whip."

Jillian said...

classic :)