Maison means house

are you aware of any non-fashion knowledge you've learned from following fashion?


Nancy said...

I have gleaned some knowledge about sewing from examining clothing.

The ideas of minimalism, excess and balance are just as important in life as in fashion. Knowing when you have too much of a good thing, and the ability to stop is an important skill. One should not venture into dangerous territory, be it stretchpants on lumpy legs or the more tangible dangers of the world.

That reminds me of one of my favorite TV shows, Daria. The Fashion Club was having a major meltdown:

Fashion club member: Stretchpants, everywhere, stretchpants! Wait, I'm wearing stretchpants!
Fashion club leader: Snap out of it! They're leggings! LEGGINGS! You're wearing LEGGINGS, alright!

Anonymous said...

Color names. Aubergine, for one.

Prêt-à-Porter P said...

knowing fashion has helped me in french class with pronunciations.

i think i may even have designers names written by some of the vocab words so that i know that the ending is pronounced the same way.

Anonymous said...

Does better posture count?
I think what other posters have said also applies to me.


enc said...

Eh, probably not. Thanks to my grandparents and parents, I was surrounded by art, music, and language as a child. By 5th grade I was learning French. I consider myself very lucky. Funnily enough, I didn't follow fashion until much later—probably 8th grade—and by then, I knew a lot of terms. I translate them around the house now. I sound like a snob. Time to shut it.

K.Line said...

I learned that my waist is quite short (very brief span, in the scheme of things, from my lower ribcage and my pelvic bones). Really, pregnancy taught me this too, but I figured it out with waistbands first. This has had a real impact on the way I approach my yoga practice (and the props I may use to lengthen through my upper back to give more space throughout my abdominal area). Strange thing to read about, perhaps, especially for those who don't do yoga, but very useful in maintaining proper body alignment / structural health and improving one's practice. K

fashionaddict said...

Fashion has actually introduced me to the world of modern art, party because designers often cite artists as inspiration, and also because fashion magazines often feature the work of artists, as well as artists themselves. Jeff Koons is one, Julian Schnabel is another. I had never heard of them until I, er, read Vogue. Marc Jacobs helped put Takeshi Murakami and Richard Prince on the mainstream map.

Architecture is another - Miuccia Prada's collaboration with Rem Koolhaas definitely brought his work to my attention.

a. said...

hmm... well, i do gain a bunch of contextual historical/cultural knowledge when i look into the origins/history of stuff i'm interested in fashion. (same is true with my interest in food... and architecture, and art, and cities ... etc. i tend to be obsessed w/ how things got to be the way they are ie. history). so like with looking up churidars, and a while ago when i tried to figure out the origin of the word "corduroy"... i couldn't really tell you all that much of what i learned, but it just kind of adds to my general historical knowledge. of which, i'm always interested more in the everyday/"mundane" histories of people and places rather than big events (wars, etc) and so fashion fits right into that.