Pretty shiny things

a manicure is a great thing because it is time spent with, for and on yourself. i'm talking about the home kind. it's especially great when you've made a decision to shop very differently for a while (namely 1-2 items per year) because it's an instant pick-me up (well, after the polish successfully dries without you screwing it up in any way) that doesn't cost anything AND, while you wait for the polish to dry a-good-long-time, you are prevented from poking around aimlessly on your favorite shopping sites. and once the manicure is a total success, you are absorbed in your pretty nails and are further distracted from the online temptations that lurk a click away.

while i would have preferred fornogoodreasonwhatsoever to apply a chanel polish (it was on my eternal "i'll buy it later list" which i neglected to address prior to the new fiscal priorities i am now committed to), i am very pleased with the effect provided by my old and seldom used bottle of essie polish. so happy was i, after i finished my manicure, that i looked on the underside of the bottle to see the name of my particular color. i thought it would heighten my satisfaction, discovering some clever name for this incredibly subtle, pretty, mundane shade of pale sheer pink that got the job done on my short nails in one coat. unfortunately, as soon as i saw the name, i was disappointed with it for a second time. i suddenly remembered that the name almost prevented me from buying it in the first place. i had gone to the local beauty supply store with magazine clipping in hand to find a specific shade favored by a random celebstylistmodel, and when the originally sought bottle looking different and unappealing in person, i set about independently (quelle horreur!) choosing a color and happily chose the color in question (from 2 dozen nearly identical shades from the same brand). and at that point i turned it over to see the name.
i don't know if it was the totally pointless semi-pun, or the intentional cutesy misspelling that annoyed me more, but i put it back on the shelf and resumed my search. i kept picking the same shade, however, even when it was misplaced in a different row, so i gave in and adore-a-ball came home with me. i suspect if i give myself another manicure next year, i will repeat the same 3-second eye-rolling response to the rediscovery of the polish's name.
(i do need to get a replacement shade though, and soon, because names really stick - cherries in the snow by revlon was my mom's shade a looooooooong time ago, and i'll never forget it.)

web site's often identify clothing by style name, while stores do not provide that information until you pay and the bar code tells the register, which then puts it up on the screen - but i'm usually paying more attention to the numbers i will be paying.
anyways, 2 questions:

once your bring an item home, if you knew it to begin with, do you think about the name assigned to it ever again?


if pressed, what name would you give to your favorite fashion possession?


Jessica said...

The only item of clothing that I fondly recall the name for is my Diane von Furstenberg "Jessica" dress. Not only does it share my name, it was the first DvF dress I fell head over heels for and refused to live without.

Prêt-à-Porter P said...

I do remember the style names of my shoes and handbags.
And I'm pretty uncreative when it comes to naming my fashion items, (even stuffed animals when i was kid: blue bear, big brown bear, etc) i usually just end up referring to them as my baby.

Nancy said...

I don't always remember what my things are named, but I know where I got them, what I have worn it with, and unless it is my purse or keys, where I put it last.

Many of the things I have were given to me, so I remember the person ever time I see it or wear it. I remember my grandma whenever I wear her jewelry, and my cousin when I wear her hand-me-downs (read: magically fitting pants, hehe).

I have tried to name my possessions. It doesn't usualy work though. Everything has such a personality that I can't find a suitable evocative name for anything, so they remain known by association.

I think I might have trouble naming my future kids.

nataJane said...

I'm always interested in names of my purchases. I always hope it is something smart and clever... When it is something kinda lame (adore-a-ball) it almost cheapens the product in my mind. I'm not sure what the connection is, but I do love a name that has obviously had some thought put into it.

Alexandra said...

I definitely don't remember the names of my things, nor do I think of naming them after I buy them. I mostly refer to them by association i.e. "those pants I always wear with the green shoes".
I guess I'm not very creative.

fashionaddict said...

I never pay attention to names, though once i bought a pair of "Marjane" trousers, which pleasantly surprised me because I love Marjane Satrapi's "Persepolis". but i don't know what's so "Marjane" about those trousers. Maybe the designer was a fan too.

But I totally understand the "adore-a-ball" thing - I saw a "Paris" bag and it doubly turned me off because it was already hideous and the name just drove it home.

enc said...

They should have named that polish:

I only use the manufacturer's product name if it is very clever (i.e. MaryJanes). Otherwise, I come up with my own immediately-identifiable name, based on the visual quality/feature of something (i.e.: red flats, metallic drivers, 3-button jacket, etc.)

I'd give my bag this name: Designer Deadweight, because it's heavy. I have four pairs of flip flops by Havaianas, and they're either called "flippers," or "Havis."