it's been just over 2 weeks since D-day.
feeling fine.
my survival kit includes:
- taking bets that i can do it (still looking for takers).
- staying out of stores initially.
- deleting all subscriptions to e-catalogs and shopping sites.
- sticking to a few magazines that i can safely and happily enjoy.
- enthusiastically accepting practically-new cashmere hand-me-downs (thank you mom!)
- applying my new-found time to work (still working on that).
- discovering a new hobby and beginning a new project.

while i have found that i am adjusting quite well to my new approach to clothing/shopping (1-2 items per year), there are a few naysayers who have scoffed at the idea of me not shopping casually. i've (pointlessly) protested that they misunderstand me, that though i do like to have clothes, i've never particularly enjoyed shopping for them.

do you have a reputation based on your shopping habits?
is it accurate?

ps still totally not caught up with the comments posted this week, but working on it.


Nancy said...

I have a reputation in my mother's mind. When I used to go shopping with her as a wee teenager, when something didn't fit, she said it was because of my unusually large and out of proportion posterior. She says the same thing about my sister, but about her chest. After I began shopping by myself, I realized that she was exaggerating for some reason, that I may have a "large" bottom, but it isn't that out of the ordinary. Most everyone has to shop around a little to find things that fit.

I think she might be a little jealous, hehe.

Anonymous said...

funny you should say you like to have clothes, but not shopping - me, I like to shop for and have fashion, but I rarely wear anything but basics in neutral colours...

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so misunderstood. Ha ha. Well, actually I would say that some people think I am indecisive when in fact I am just very selective and cautious.

Carlene said...

Not exactly about shopping, but my family laughed, a lot, when they heard I was going camping. You? Camping? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Apparently they thought I wasn't the camping type? Well, once I did canoe and it was Horrible, and I wished aloud that a helicopter would swing by, rescue me and drop me off at the nearest mall. But anyway.

I LOVED camping. Loved it. You know what makes for a great camping trip? Champagne, an air mattress and a cashmere sweater.

editor said...

hmmmm, you know who would laugh if someone proposed that i camp? ME! laughing and snorting, actually, while i walked away. quickly.

editor said...

nancy, that is awful. criticism like that... well, i'm glad you know better now.

sabina - do you mean that you shop for non-basics but only wear your basics, or you enjoy shopping for AND having basics, and turn basics into something fun?

enc said...

I had a reputation as a recreational shopper: I did it for fun, to kill time. Now I'm just a tightwad.

enc said...

Congratulations on your new "project!" Also on your hand-me-downs, your timewithoutshopping, and all the other moves you're making.

K.Line said...

I have a rep for being a great bargain hunter and - though it is bragging, I realize - I am a pretty great bargain hunter :-) K

editor said...

ENC that is too funny. is that my fate? now people will think i'm a tightwad???? harsh. so unfair.

k.line - while the contents of my closet do usually come with a great sale story attached, i don't think i have that reputation. hmmm

enc said...

I don't think it's your fate. You can avoid it by making it funny.

candid cool said...

i guess i have a reputation for buying handbags. which yes, is true-ish. but i really am now only going to be things that i really LOVE and cant get out of my head.

candid cool said...


Anonymous said...

I have a reputation for being a nightmare shopper when buying for myself. I'm obsessive, I have to see every shop and examine everything, I refuse to eat (it cuts into shopping time) and only stop when I'm exhausted, dehydrated and in pain!
Conversely people say I'm very helpful when I'm helping them shop (but I do require a sushi lunch as payment for my assistance!)