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there are different approaches we might take to fashion depending on the occasion, and the time of day. evening attire has an altogether different feel from daytime, and certain styles just do not lend themselves to certain hours - for no legitimate reason, actually.
so what about looking at time the other way, as something to suit you, rather than something you have to respect.

what time of day best suits your personal style?


-h of candid cool said...

night suits me the best i suppose. it's cooler (as in temperature).
and i feel i can get away with being inappropriately glamorous it a little bit more at night.
And music sounds better at night, and I can drive faster at night.

a. said...

nighttime, definitely. i am a night person in general anyway. but also, for the reasons that h mentions - it's cooler (which allows for more layering = more fun) and it's a time when a bit more glamour is ok.

if you want an exact hour? hmmm.... 9 pm. :-)

fashionaddict said...

Day! I'm addicted to denim and white cotton things, both of which can sometimes look a little too shabby for more formal evening occasions.

(It also depends on what one does in the evenings. My personal style suits downing beers at hole-in-the-wall pub just fine.)

Clothes made with evening in mind - satin, sequinned, feathered, velvet - don't appeal to me anyway.

Nancy said...

The early morning hours. I suppose my fashion sense is a little absurd. I like those hours before dawn, when nothing is as it seems and most people in my time tone are snoozing. I am most comfortable when alone at 3 or 4 am, indoors or out, especially in the middle of summer. There is a sense of freeness at night, and also in my wardrobe.

Allure said...

Definitely daytime. I always think I try too hard -and I don't intend to- for nightime.

Alexandra said...

Late evening- 10pm -11 pm. I like big pieces of jewelery, and dramatic pieces, ands satin, and black...

Jillian said...

I love late evening cause I can relax after work, night cause i can snuggle up in bed, but there is something about the crack ass of dawn that makes me feel so special. I love cool spring mornings sipping on tea, sitting on our deck, reading a good book right as the sun is beginning to rise... I feel like i'm the only one up, it's quiet and beautiful and has always made me feel so happy!

enc said...

Darn it, I commented on this earlier. I must have typed in the wrong crazy letters in the word verification.


2pm for daytime,

9pm for nighttime.

I have two looks. I don't like to follow rules, so I gave two answers.