A bumpy night

it strikes me as ridiculous now, 22 hours after the fact, but very very early yesterday morning, while panting in agony, i actually made sure to put 2 magazines in my bag before heading to the er. i was in no shape to look at them during the wait, the hospital registration or the x-rays, and never bothered to after i got the shot of demerol, which made me woozy, but in my list of necessities as i headed into a very unpleasant stretch of hours, fashion/beauty/art (interchangeable terms) was still high on my list (or, an alternative explanation is that the blinding pain was clouding my judgment).
2 broken toes, a set of crutches and some codeine-laced tylenol later, i was only able to muster up the focus for a little giles deacon (#14). i will do a regular post here again for friday.


enc said...

I'm sorry you hurt yourself! :( !

I would probably do the exact same thing: cram fashion magazines into my bag.

Carlene said...

Oh no! What did you do!?

(That's so funny about the magazines, though. I can totally relate.)

The codeine tylenol gives me a hangover something fierce. Beware.

editor said...

carlene - i feel a wee bit woozy, now that you mention it. when you say hangover, do you mean it will hit me when i stop taking it, or do you mean i'll be dopey while i'm on it (not technically a hangover then)?

carlene & enc - so odd about the magazines, especially since i was really in extreme pain when i requested them for my bag (my taller half assembled my bag for me), but i wasn't ready to go until i had them. freak (talking to myself).

editor said...

oh, and dropping a 20 pound barbell on your foot in the dark at 2:20AM is HIGHLY discouraged by the author of this blog. even if you're tired and it's dark and you forgot it was up there holding down a shade that you then needed to pull up, and did so without addressing the barbell issue, which gravity promptly took care of for you. sweet mother that was bad pain.

Carlene said...

Ow. Ow. Now I understand why you have that aversion to the gym.

No, codeine...after I wake up, or it wears off, whichever occurs first, it feels like someone's been repeatedly hitting my head with a hammer. I wish for death.

(And, this is funny...whenever a dr. offers it, I turn it down. When I tell my mom, she'll say, oh, why? You could've given it to me! So...ymmv, I guess.)

Iheartfashion said...

So sorry about your injury! I can relate to the magazine thing, though. Leaving to give birth to my first child, I grabbed W on the way out. Forgot the car seat, but had the fashion mag!

-h of candid cool said...

sorry about the barbell incident, feel better.

iheart: LOL!!!!!!!!!!

dreamecho said...

ouch! at least you have your sense of humor. get some rest!

a. said...

ooh! i hope you get better soon!

i have never had problems with codeine hangovers. (i've only taking it once though. ;-)

editor said...

so carlene, it took me a while to crack "ymmv," but i have.

the codeine made me loopy. no problems, no hangovers, just mush-brained. the vicodin today made me a drooling snoring ... me, but that only lasted barely 2 hours and then nothing. is it possible to sleep off vicodin? i didn't think so. (but please don't tell your mom that i've got this stuff - i'm not up for visitors right now.)

-h, not as sorry as i!

anyhoo, i'm stuck with this boot/shoe thing and these poor sad mashed toes for about 6 weeks. so not so soon. apparently the "crushing" nature of the impact accounts for the unpleasant sensation i experienced.

dreamecho - it'll take more than this to take my humor. and the last thing they'll pry from me will be my fashion mags apparently. i brightened up considerably when my australian vogue came in the mail today, more so even than when the dr. prescribed the vicodin yesterday.

enc said...

You LIED to me. You said you didn't lift weights! You even feigned a lack of knowledge about what "gyms" are.

Oh, the tangled web we weave . . . .

editor said...

but enc, how can you say that? look at what the barbell was doing? it was holding down a shade. it was ... a shade-stopper. nothing more. ask who it belongs to.
not me!
ask who gave it to us.
IN-LAWS! (ha, i should have known it was out to get me.)

nope, i stand (on one foot - or better yet, i will stay here in bed) by what i said. no room in my life for exercise or these gimmy things you're obsessed with (though for the record, i am in some horrendous shape because my arms and legs are more sore from using the crutches than my toes are from being mashed. how wrong is that?!).

fashionaddict said...

That picture accompanying your post is too cute. I do hope you get better soon. And holding up stuff is all a barbell is fit for, frankly. Why else would anyone need one.